A Joint Commission Accredited Organization.

Stonewater is a comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment center addressing adolescent needs across a continuum of care. From fully supervised Withdrawal Management all the way to Residential Treatment, our customized adolescent care is built on the latest scientific research and proven techniques to increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. Our founders have been there, where you are now, and understand that your child is an individual who needs an individualized recovery program providing safety, privacy, security and success.

Because adolescents aren’t the only ones affected by their struggles with mental health and substance use, Stonewater provides support for families through group therapy and other educational activities to better understand how to provide support throughout recovery. We want to see your child or loved one successful both within our walls and at home, so our programs are designed to promote a sustained, ongoing approach to overcoming substance use and re-engaging in life as a youth and as a family.

Our Vision

Lifelong recovery lived.


Our Mission

We believe in helping individuals find their God-given purpose and learn the life skills necessary to choose disciplined, transformed lives.


Our Values

  • Invest in the point
  • Protect security
  • Serve to lead
  • Choose to grow
  • Own it
  • See one another as God’s Creations
  • Celebrate wins
  • Challenge the box
Speak to our intake counselors today by calling Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center at 662-259-8474.