“I would recommend to any parent – if you’re seeing serious signs of isolation and depression or if your son went through a traumatic event, you need to contact Stonewater. We as parents wish we would’ve done something sooner.” – Parents of Conner, Stonewater Graduate

“Stonewater gave me coping skills to deal with my depression, because I can’t fix the depression, I can just fix how I deal with it. Before, drugs were my only coping method…I never thought I would be able to be where I am at right now. I have a ways to go, but Stonewater definitely put me on the right path.” – Stephen, Stonewater Graduate

“The Fikes family have their own story and I think that that helps tremendously, because they know what it’s been like to go through it. They can’t just sympathize, but also empathize with families. My advice to other parents is to make the decision, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, make the decision. It’s the right thing to do for your kid and your family.” – Parents of Stephen, Stonewater Graduate

“It’s crazy they put in that much time to a kid that didn’t care in the beginning, it makes me really appreciate how good I have it and how much people care about me.” – Conner, Stonewater Graduate

“For the past couple of years, I have let addiction control my life…I have ended up in jail, caused problems for my family and have lost opportunities. I am blessed that I went through this program. I want to be known as a changed young man and a great family guy that is putting effort into life. I have a great plan by God for me and I plan to be able to live my life clean and happy….It is my time to make a great change.” – Bryson, Stonewater Graduate

“Stonewater saved my son’s soul…” – Mother of Mark, Stonewater Graduate