While many substance use or dual-diagnosis treatment centers are focused on offering every patient the same “out of the box” treatment program, Stonewater is among those treatment centers leading the way with an individualized treatment approach for each patient, incorporating alternative therapies backed by years of research. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center believes in the importance of progressive, evidence-based programming to most effectively treat each individual adolescent.

Why Individualized Treatment?

Creating a plan that speaks to any previous recovery care, current emotional state, co-occurring disorders and incorporating family involvement is necessary to provide a balanced and effective treatment plan. At Stonewater, treatment plans are never generic and always require complete individual mental health and addiction assessments before beginning the program. Our counselors and addiction treatment therapists will know your child’s history and current assessments so they can determine the best recovery program for your loved one. Although some adolescents begin addiction treatment highly resistant to traditional talk therapies, when given the proper combination of alternative modalities, often they finally become open to recovery care.

When looking for long-term solutions to heal your teen in body, mind and spirit, individualized treatments can make all the difference. Our experienced medical and addiction teams understand the proven need for a tailored treatment approach.

The Stonewater Difference

Instead of treatment with a group of nonspecific therapy sessions, at Stonewater we ensure dedicated time with our team each day for your adolescent. With 24/7 supervision, multiple treatments paired uniquely with your adolescent’s needs and various small group activities with other adolescents, the individualities of your teen are seen and understood. Unlike what may be lost in nonspecific addiction programs and larger-sized groups, at Stonewater we ensure that new concerns are continually addressed and progress is celebrated.

Customized treatments also allow for dynamic changes to a treatment program as each individual advances or new issues surface. Your teen will finally understand addiction, how to recognize it and what tools are needed to get on the right track to sober success.

In our individualized treatment programs, your adolescent will grow by facing the challenges of recovery and gain emotional health, mental stability and increased human connection as they move through the various phases of recovery care. Stonewater has your family’s best life and restoration in mind and is with you every step of the way. The intake team is ready to answer your questions and get your child the right care, now.

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