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Adderall Abuse in Teens

With the opioid crisis still being at the forefront of drug abuse news, the misuse of other drugs often gets overlooked. Adderall has made the headlines in recent months though with political allegations, student overdoses, and in celebrity news that shows that it is still as destructive and as deadly as ever. Use of Adderall often begins as a prescription to reduce the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy and can be life-changing. People who use Adderall for the intended purpose can become more focused, calmer, and less depressed. Other times Adderall can be grossly misused from leading on a doctor with false symptoms or supplying users without a prescription. Since Adderall is a stimulant drug, the use without a medical need is dangerous and highly addictive. Although the age group that is considered the highest abusers is college students, high school students are at a high risk to abuse Adderall as well. ADHD is typically diagnosed with adolescents which makes them more likely to have the prescription in the first place. The type of teen who generally begins to use to Adderall for non-medical reasons is one who is highly driven with their success in their studies and extracurricular activities. By putting the aim on their projects, exams, or commitments, they can accomplish more with the extended focus that Adderall provides them. What may have started out of as an enhancement to their education, can turn into the opposite effect quite rapidly. They start taking larger doses, start crushing the pills and snorting them, or combining Adderall with other drugs to heed better results. Teens begin to stop eating and sleeping which makes them become unhealthy physically and emotionally volatile. Long term abuse can develop Adderall dependency which could ultimately turn into a full fledge addiction. Many teens who abuse Adderall think that they are safe taking the drug because a doctor prescribed it - even if the prescription was not necessarily prescribed to them. This misconception leads them to believe that Adderall could not negatively affect them. The truth is that even patients who have been diagnosed with narcolepsy or ADHD must take Adderall under a doctor's supervision because the strong drug could cause side effects and complications. The drug should also be medically supervised when being weaned off of, especially in an adolescent body. Adderall abuse should not be taken lightly. Teen drug abuse is not just a phase they are going through. They the help of an adolescent amphetamine addiction treatment program to get them onto the road to recovery.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is a comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment facility that offers an array of services that range from fully supervised withdrawal management to residential treatment in hopes of gaining long-term sobriety and wellness. Adolescents learn about triggers and healthy replacements to regain a positive physical response to activities they can learn to enjoy again.

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