mindfulness for addicted adolescents

How Does Mindfulness Change the Brain for Addicted Adolescents?

Anxiety and addiction are conditions that commonly occur together. Unfortunately, when a teen begins using drugs or alcohol to cope with anxiety, it can have lasting impacts. In such cases, a dual diagnosis treatment center is necessary. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we strive to provide treatment for both anxiety…

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victim mentality in young adults

Recognizing a Victim Mentality in Young Adults

Victim mentality is a problem that many young adults face—this is especially true of those who have struggled or are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. The helpless feeling that victim mentality brings on is damaging to young adults, and a family recovery support therapy program could be…

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looking for a rehabilitation center for your teen

What Should You Look for in a Rehabilitation Center for Your Teen

Choosing the right adolescent treatment center is a tough decision during an already difficult time. Rehabilitation centers vary widely in their treatment approaches and capabilities, so it’s not a simple matter of choosing the best one. You need to select the unique method that fits your teen’s individual situation and…

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teen treatment center

Top Reasons Your Teen Needs a Treatment Center

We understand that the decision to transition to an adolescent treatment center can weigh heavily on teens and their families. Supporting teen health and wellness during substance abuse cases is generally beyond the abilities of even the most loving caregivers. A teen treatment center is often the best option for…

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adolescent anxiety

3 Tips for Helping Your Adolescent Through Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent problems in adolescents and teenagers in America today. Even after attending an adolescent treatment program like the ones offered at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, your child might still struggle to cope with anxiety. What can a parent do? At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center,…

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depression and addiction

What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Depression and Addiction Look Like?

It’s common for those with a depressive order to struggle with substance abuse issues. Depression can lead many to attempt to distract themselves or mask the problem with drugs or alcohol, which may help them momentarily, but ultimately causes the depression to worsen. A dual diagnosis treatment program is often…

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bipolar disorder and substance use

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use

Bipolar disorder, previously referred to as manic depression, is a mental disorder characterized by sudden and intense shifts in mood, behavior, and energy levels. Unfortunately, the condition poses a risk to your son’s physical and emotional well-being. Teens with bipolar disorder are more likely to have relationship problems, experience economic…

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eating disorder awareness

About the “F” Word: Taking “Fat” Out of Your Teen’s Vocabulary

American society places extraordinary pressure on how a person looks and their body weight. While many people think this applies only to teenage girls, adolescent boys also feel pressure to conform to society’s expectations. It is becoming extremely important for teens and their families to practice body positivity and eating…

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individualized education program in oxford, mississippi

Signs Your Child May Need an Individualized Education Program

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can offer your teen educational assistance through our Nationally Accredited Boy’s Private School program. You and your family become a part of our family recovery support therapy program when your teen enrolls in our boys’ substance use treatment center. We offer a series of online-based classes provided by a third-party…

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teens with learning challenges

5 Things To Keep in Mind for Teens Who Have Learning Challenges

At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we recognize that teens face all kinds of challenges, especially when dealing with addiction and recovery. As part of our programs, our caring and professional staff will support you and your teen throughout the entire treatment and recovery process. This support can even include education…

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teen facing mental health disorders

3 Ways Mental Health Disorders Impact Learning

Mental health disorders refer to a range of mental health conditions that affect one’s thinking, mood, and behavior. The common types of mental health conditions among teens include depression and anxiety. Mental health disorders can affect a student’s concentration and dependability, thus deterring performance. Students with mental health problems may…

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teen dealing with his hormones impacting his mental health

3 Ways Hormones Impact Teen Mental Health

Hormones are the chemical messengers in the human body responsible for maintaining the body’s homeostasis. During puberty, the hypothalamus produces gonadotropin, a hormone that instigates the production of sex, adrenal, and growth hormones. The spike in each of these hormones affects the teenager’s body, moods, emotions, and impulses. Changes in…

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young man struggling with a mental health disorder

Is It a Mental Health Disorder or Puberty?

Adolescence is a critical stage of transition into adulthood. During this phase, several body changes occur, and teens may display undesirable behaviors. While the emotional, physical, and behavioral changes are regular, parents should watch their children and offer guidance throughout adolescence. Teens can develop mental health issues because of exposure…

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boy struggling with his adolescent mental health

4 Common Stigmas Surrounding Adolescent Mental Health

Research shows that many adolescents suffer from mental health problems, yet just a handful seek treatment. In most cases, they don’t seek the care and support they need due to the deeply ingrained stigma that surrounds mental health treatment. However, when they don’t get treatment, mental health disorders predispose teenagers…

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boy struggling to focus on schoolwork due to ADHD

3 Major Learning Challenges of ADHD Students

At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we focus on the treatment of adolescent boys. Our treatment programs include addiction recovery and mental health disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Learn more about our dual diagnosis ADHD treatment program, and dedicated programs for students with learning challenges by calling…

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teen boy entering a cocaine rehab program

Adolescent Cocaine Rehab Program

Every year, drug abuse affects millions of individuals in America. A significant contributor to this alarming trend is adolescents suffering from cocaine addiction. This condition is particularly dangerous since adolescents are in their prime years for development. Fortunately, adolescent cocaine abuse treatment programs can help. Cocaine addiction usually begins with…

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teen boy practicing internet safety to prevent addiction

3 Ways to Discuss Internet Safety With Your Teen to Prevent Addiction

More and more teens are gaining access to smartphones. Smartphones and the internet, in particular, are essential in the contemporary world. They enable these teens to engage in research, communicate with teachers, or even socialize with their friends. As parents, however, you need to take an active role in ensuring…

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a young boy cocks his head as he considers mindfulness for addiction treatment

How Does Mindfulness Change the Brain for Addicted Adolescents?

Today, the reasons for anxiety are everywhere. Between an unexpected virus closing many states and countries across the world and stress from school and work, your teen is under an extreme amount of pressure. To deal with this mental health condition, many teens turn to substances, such as drugs or…

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a teen boy smiles after thinking about emdr in adolescents

EMDR Might Help Adolescents Process Depression Due to Life Changes

Today, depression is at an all-time high. According to the ADAA, the leading cause of disability in the United States is major depressive disorder, affecting more than 3.2 million teens. This statistic by itself may be troubling. However, when you couple that with the fact that depression often leads to…

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a therapist talks to parent about adolescent substance use

4 False Statements Parents Tell Themselves About Adolescent Substance Use

Substance use is a cunning, baffling, powerful, and insidious disease. Too often, the sentiments of adolescence can skew a parent’s perception of developing a chemical dependency. Unfortunately, substance use is a rising problem in teens and adolescents. If you or a loved one is telling yourselves false statements about adolescent…

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a teen boy considers character traits for substance use

Children With Specific Character Traits at Higher Risk for Substance Use

Is your child particularly anxious? Are they particularly gloomy or impulsive? Do you often find them sensation seeking? If so, these characteristics could be cause for concern. According to recent research, these four character traits could indicate a future problem with substance use. Fortunately, there is help available. At Stonewater…

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a father wonders about parenting a teen at high risk for substance use

5 Suggestions for Parenting a Teenager When Substance Use Is at Risk

Parents are either the first to know or the last to know that their children have developed a substance abuse problem. Substance use in adolescents can develop quickly and take a strong hold. As parents, you have the opportunity to keep your child engaged in honesty and faith-based qualities emphasized…

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two teens consider faith adolescent substance use treatment

Does Faith Make a Difference in Adolescent Substance Use Treatment? The Answer Is Yes!

If your teen is struggling with substance use, seeking treatment is essential. However, you may wonder if you should seek secular treatment or faith-based substance use treatment. Today’s recent research states that faith in adolescent substance use treatment can be extremely helpful for long-term recovery. If you need faith-based adolescent…

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a teen boy leans against a wall and considers dependent personality disorder and substance use in children

Dependent Personality Disorder and Substance Use in Children

Early signals of attachment styles in children can indicate if they will grow to be dependent or independent adolescents. Dependency in early adolescent stages can prove to be a detriment when peers begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. If you’re seeing signs of a dependent personality disorder and substance use…

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a teen boy musses his hair and struggles with body dysmorphia in adolescents

Body Dysmorphia in Adolescents Can Be More Than the Pains of Peer Pressure

Body dysmorphia in adolescents is an issue that many people choose not to talk about. However, your teen may struggle with this problem, and be unwilling to tell you. To learn more about why it is so important to talk to your child about this struggle, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery…

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a teen boy looks in a mirror and considers adolescent substance use

Adult Drug Abuse Indicated By Adolescent Substance Abuse, Memory, and Impulsivity

Recent research has indicated that when adolescent substance use goes unchecked, it can indicate adult drug use and abuse. As such, it is essential to seek out the best possible adolescent substance use treatment center. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we’re proud to offer exceptional substance use treatment for adolescent…

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a teen stares dramatically off into the distance as he considers adolescent angst

Adolescent Angst Or Diagnosable Mental Health Disorder?

What makes the difference between adolescent angst and a diagnosable mental health disorder? There are a range of signs that you must look out for. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we’re committed to helping adolescent and teen boys overcome mental health issues and substance use problems. To learn more, contact…

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teen boy wearing headphones during music therapy program

Music Therapy Is Clinically Sound for Lessening Noise

When it comes to substance use treatment, there are a range of methods treatment specialists may use. Some of these are evidence-based, which means that experts in substance use treatment have studied them extensively. Others are holistic. These treatments are useful in substance use treatment for the entire person: mind,…

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a teen uses his phone as he thinks about adolescent smartphone use disorder

Adolescent Smartphone Use Disorder

Today, smartphones are ubiquitous around the country. More and more, teens are using smartphones to communicate with their friends, complete homework, and do other daily tasks. Unfortunately, adolescent smartphone use disorder is also becoming more and more common around the country. As such, if you see your teen struggling with…

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a teen boy considers anxiety treatment during covid-19

Anxiety Treatment, Stress, & Depression During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you worried about your anxiety treatment or your ability to maintain your mental health in the face of the Coronavirus madness? The fact that you’re thinking about the connection between these stressful times and your history with anxiety is a good thing. It shows you’re aware of what stress…

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The Real Effect Cyberbullying Has on Your Teen

Victims of cyberbullying have a tough time dealing with the impact the abuse has on them. Bullying in any capacity will lower self-esteem and create unnecessary fear to cause significant psychological and emotional distress, but cyberbullying can cause even more chaos. Anxiety, depression, struggling academics, and physical ailments also become…

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Are Adolescents More Aggressive Due to Excessive On-Screen Violence?

With screen time becoming more prevalent for adolescents with each passing day, there is more research that is being conducted in regard to how on-screen violence invokes them. Finding out the effects that teens and younger kids are experiencing is important because the aggressive nature that follows many of them…

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Will the FDA Ruling on E-Cigarette Flavors Even Make a Difference?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a ruling recently on the way that e-cigarette flavors will be sold going forward. In the past, underage vapors could pretty much get their hands-on flavored e-juice as easy as getting regular candy which the manufacturers of e-cigarettes, including JUUL, marketed as such.…

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Video Games and Addiction: Should Parents Worry About Fortnite?

Sixty-three percent of all households have one gamer living under their roof, according to the 2017 Essential Facts about the Computer and Gaming Industry report released by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Computer and video games are a popular way for people of many ages to spend their time. There…

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What are the Most Common Roadblocks that Teens Face in their Recovery?

Getting sober during adolescence can be a difficult experience for teens to endure. Addiction brings on a battle that is hard to overcome and that battle continues into their recovery. There are many situations in recovery that could cause your teen some undue adversity. Roadblocks will occur from time to…

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Reasons Diet Can Make a Difference in Your Teen’s Recovery

Drugs and alcohol can cause bodily harm to teens in a variety of different ways including through their diet. Substance abuse can take away your teen’s appetite to eat creating malnutrition or causing them to have the munchies and eat everything in sight while they are under the influence. Whatever…

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Why Is Meditation Beneficial for Adolescents?

There could be dissention in thinking that meditation for adolescents is a good idea. Whether the perception that meditation embodies religious beliefs or is a wacky practice for tree huggers, meditation is beneficial for people of all ages including adolescents. The truth is that meditation is whatever your adolescent makes…

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Do Alcohol-Related Social Media Posts Provoke an Increase with Underage Drinking in Adolescents?

The Journal, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, devised a study based off the reactions underage drinkers had to the exposure of ads, photos, videos, and posts that promoted alcohol. Social media gives teens the ability to view other teens at parties drinking alcohol, read advertisements for alcohol that are meant…

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How Does a Teen Detox Differ from Adult Detoxification?

Drugs and alcohol have damaging effects on the person who abuses them and becomes dependent on them. Once the body does not sense the effects of drugs or alcohol any longer, withdrawal can set in making the person extremely uncomfortable. Withdrawals can be deadly with alcohol and excruciatingly painful with…

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Children of Parents With an Alcohol Addiction

Children of parents with alcoholism are at risk of experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, and drug or alcohol abuse. Children of parents with an addiction to alcohol can feel uncertain, unstable, neglected, disorganized, and lonely. Bottom line: growing up in an alcoholic home is growing…

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Treating Insomnia in Early Recovery can Prevent Relapse

Sound sleep is not common for those in the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Sleep is constantly disrupted by ongoing symptoms of withdrawal, nightmares, using dreams, uncomfortable bodies, and busy minds. Those in treatment are often prescribed sleep medications which can cause drowsiness or other sleep…

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Disruptive Behavior Disorders: a FAQ

Oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder are the two kinds of disruptive behavior disorder. Between 2%-16% of youth struggles with oppositional defiant disorder and anywhere from 6% to 9% of youth lives with conduct disorder, especially young boys. Disruptive behavioral disorders can have severe negative consequences in a young person’s…

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Is There a Connection between Marijuana use and Bipolar Disorder in Teens?

Research on the effects of marijuana on the teenage brain has revealed enlightening information in recent years. For example, teenage marijuana use inhibits progress in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. Some newer research suggested that marijuana use among teenagers could be a catalyst for psychotic episodes. Marijuana use…

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Does Spirituality Affect a Teen’s Mental Health?

Published in Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, an Oregon State University study examined the effect of both religion and spirituality on a teen and a teen’s mental health. Both religion and spirituality play a different role in helping teens regulate themselves. Religion seemed to help teens regulate their behaviors while…

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Spiritual Lessons Teens can Gain from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group in Treatment

Dialectical behavioral therapy was created as an alternative therapeutic approach to cognitive behavioral therapy. As CBT was gaining renown and praise for its efficacy in treatment, a small population of individuals were not finding any support from it. Individuals with mental illnesses which include extreme mood swings or intensified experiences…

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Will Cognitive Behavioral Therapy be Effective for my Anxious Teen?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered the gold standard of therapeutic practices for recovery from addictions and mental health issues. Many teens and adolescents who are seeking treatment for addiction are experiencing secondary, co-occurring mental health disorders like an anxiety disorder. Numerous research studies are emphasizing that teens’ chronic interaction with…

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Do Only ‘Bad Kids’ get Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol?

The opioid epidemic which has spread among teens and adolescents has proven one thing to be certain: addiction belongs to nobody. Addiction is a disease which does not discriminate. Race, color, heritage, academic achievements, sports, social standing, socioeconomic bracket, and neighborhood don’t make a difference when it comes to addiction.…

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Preventing Against the First Drink can Come Before Recovery from Alcoholism

“We are without a defense against the first drink,” wrote the authors of Alcoholics Anonymous in describing the ‘insanity’ alcoholics face when they seem to forget how devastating drinking quickly becomes after taking just one drink. “The fact is that most alcoholics, for reasons yet obscure, have lost the power…

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Children and Teens are Overdosing on Opioids in Record Number

A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that the number of children and teens in the United States experiencing opioid overdose and opioid ‘poisoning’ is rising, according to Associated Press. Thirty-one children’s hospitals were used for data collection to conduct the survey. Some of the findings are included below:…

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You Have a Family Emergency Plan. What About a Family Emotional Emergency Plan?

Children have temper tantrums. Children get frustrated. Teens can be moody, irritable, restless, and discontent. When a beloved child in the family has struggled with addiction and is working through recovery, emotional emergencies can be even more of a challenge. Parents aren’t always in tune with their own emotions. Without…

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Bringing Social and Emotional Learning to School After Treatment

Boys who develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol at an early age suffer in their ability to make healthy social connections or operate from a place of emotional regulation. Drugs and alcohol are chemical substances which affect the brain. All of our daily functions, from our thoughts to our…

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IRL: An Anti-Social Media, Social Media App for Teens

What if there was a social media app that encourages kids to connect somewhere offline? What if an app intentionally told its users to go do something engaging which didn’t include continuing to stare at a screen? What if social media didn’t include advertisements, manipulative marketing, addictive design, and purposeless…

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Teens Happier When Hanging Outside with Friends, Not on Their Phones

Parents have been complaining about their kids’ smartphone use for quite some time. Before smartphones, it was video games. Before video games, it was computer games. Before computer games, it was television. For decades, technology has been stealing kids’ attention and preventing them from spending time outdoors. Today, technology ‘addicted’…

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What You Need to Know About Impostor Syndrome When Your Teen is in Recovery From Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate. Alcoholism does not discriminate. There are no deciding factors which organize between who will become addicted to drugs and alcohol and who will not. Likewise, there seems to be little law of the land when it comes to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. How is…

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