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High School Age Teens Are Drinking Less

According to The Centers for Disease Control, high-school drinking has significantly reduced. The study looked at data trends between the years of 1991 and 2015 based on information provided by high school students themselves. Drinking has cut nearly by half in some regards. For example, in 1999 half of high school students reported drinking within the most recent month's time. In 2015, only one in three students reported doing so. Though reports of high school drinking usually involves binge drinking, the study found that binge drinking has reduced at a high school age as well. However, the way that high schoolers drink when they do drink is increasing. The problem of high school drinking is often a problem of over drinking. Though some of the numbers presented by the study are promising for a decline in overall high school drinking, the other numbers not presented in that population are where the concern lies. For the high school age drinkers who are drinking, they are drinking at a dangerously high level. Binge drinking, as defined by NIAAA, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, is consuming enough alcohol to raise the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to 0.08. An average of five drinks for men or four drinks for women in a two hour period reaches that level. The study found that high school students who are binge drinking are consuming eight drinks or more in one sitting. Though numbers are favorable for high school drinking to be on a decline, the behaviors of those who are drinking are perhaps more problematic than in years past.  

Where are they getting it from?

Various studies have argued the efficacy of allowing younger adolescents and teens to drink at home and whether that would positively or negatively affect future drinking. Binge drinking at dangerously high levels is an activity most often left for older teenagers and college age students. Currently, there is a mainstream culture that promotes binge drinking. Music genres celebrate the act of getting drunk. Movies are made about excessive inebriation. Much of the popular culture scene glamorizes excessive binge drinking which leaves the potentially grave consequences out of the picture.  

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