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Tips to Get Your Teen Under Your Influence

Being under the influence is typically code that someone is either drunk or high on drugs. Teens have shown to be easily influenced with using mind-altering substances amongst their peers, but they can certainly be affected in more positive areas as well. Other ways that teens can be firmly influenced is by the people they look up to such as siblings, teachers, pastors, and you as their parent. Although the teenage angst may keep an adolescent from connecting to the people around them, you can use these tips to help you to get your teen under your influence.

Be a good example

Teens are more intuitive than you may think, and they will follow your lead on what you do. If you smoke, they will more than likely smoke too. When you cuss, they are more inclined to do so as well. You can be a positive role model on how you want your teen to act by displaying affirmative activity in your own life.

Encourage them

The quickest way to lose the respect of your teen is to tear them down with your criticism. Even though they may be moody and inattentive, they could use your positive feedback to make them feel good about the things they are doing well. Genuine compliments go a long way when your teen has made a mistake and is feeling down. Put yourself in their place and treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Make them laugh

Stop with the nagging and get them laughing. Obviously, there is a time and place to be serious, but adding humor to your teen's daily life can lighten up the mood more often than constant lectures that go in one ear and out the other. Point out funny situations about yourself and them to get some inside family jokes going that will be more inviting for them to want to be around you.

Forgive them

Instead of holding grudge, learn how to have compassion for their mistakes and misgivings. Part of growing up is finding their way through trial and error. No one is perfect, especially teenagers so stop making them live up to an expectation that will never be. Start accepting them for who they are without enabling their bad behavior and you can motivate them to become the human you want them to be. To influence a teen in the right manner you must applaud their differences and appreciate their uniqueness. Using even the slightest positive influence on your teen has the biggest potential to pave their life with good intentions.

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