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What is the National Day of Unplugging?

Everywhere you look there are cell phones in hand, computers being accessed in coffee shops, and digital signs flashing marketing information. Do you ever wonder if you and your teen are overly stimulated by all the technology that you get in one day? If you can answer that question with a yes, you may be interested in the 2019 National Day of Unplugging. On March 1st until March 2nd from sundown to sundown, you can join others who will be taking a 24-hour global reprieve from technology. This project from Reboot is meant to adopt a modern ritual of their Jewish ancestors who carved out time every week to unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with their loved ones.      Although you may be thinking that this is a religious event, you can be assured that there is nothing religious about taking the concepts that worked decades before technology was so prevalent and putting them into good use. The point is to have contact with others through face-to-face communication with no screens and intentionally interact with others in person doing quality activities that allow you to bond to those you are surrounded with. Emojis, gifs, and memes are mostly used in today's world as an expression which is not the same as purposeful conversations that make better connections with others. The intent of The National Day of Unplugging can be an important day for you and your teen to reconnect. You may be met with some harsh resistance, but if you plan your day accordingly, you could do some really cool activities with your family. Taking a hike, cooking together, looking at old pictures, gardening, going to the zoo or a museum, and playing card games are just a few activities that you can do without being linked to any type of technology. Taking time out of your busy schedule to completely pay attention to your teenager without wifi, posting on social media, or being technologically distracted will mean more to them than they will give you credit for. They will not want to do participate in this affair probably at first, but they will be pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable not having to answer text messages or commenting on posts can be if they have the right activities in place. Ultimately, you can give them a chance to see that they can be unconnected from their phone for a bit to link up in real time to one of the things that matter the most - family.

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