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Why What Happened is Your Superpower

Part of the recovery process is to share with other recovery peers what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now. What this does, is qualify you as someone who needs to recover from drugs and alcohol and gain the entire confidence of others in your program. This may not seem important to you because you may feel like you are young with nothing to offer, but your what happened is your superpower in recovery.

Your story helps others to relate.

To have longevity in anything you do, you must have the ability to connect to it which usually comes in the form of relating to those who are like-minded. Why would you try something that makes you feel like an outsider? You probably took drugs and drank alcohol to cope with the difficulties of fitting in. Now you must find something to offset those difficulties like being around people who have similar stories and feelings. By sharing your experiences, you can break down the walls that keep you from others and find some community that you were lacking.

Your story helps you to become honest.

There is hardly a person who wants to share their darkest hours with strangers although telling your story will set you free. Eventually you will no longer need to hide behind your shame and your guilt will slowly start to dissipate because the cat will be out of the bag and no one can have power over your truth unless you let them.

Your story lets you be of service.

The fundamental principle of recovery is to be of service in any way you can. The rule of thumb is to give back what was so freely given to you which if you think about it was a lot people doing a lot of generous service acts for you. Not only will you emerge from a zero to a hero, but you feel better helping others who need your assistance and need to hear your story. Unfortunately, there is no recovery cape that help you to save those who do not want to save themselves. Your story becomes your superpower because it is unique to you and gives hope to someone who may be futile with recovery measures. The story of what happened to you is what experience, strength, and hope is made of and you must pass that on as much and as possible as you can.  

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