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Why Your Teen's Treatment for Depression Can Also Help You as the Parent

No parent ever wants to find out that their adolescent is suffering from depression because the road ahead can look pretty bleak. Although depression poses negative aspects on a teen's life, the recovery process can bring some relief to everyone who is involved including you as a parent. This may seem illogical because of the dangers that depression brings about, but if you want to understand the silver linings of depression you must be in the solution.  

You get to suit up and show up for your teenager.

With the diagnosis of depression with your teen, you can be there every step of the way for them. Taking them to therapy, supporting their treatment, offering encouragement, and being a part of their recovery process. Backing your teen will also reinforce the strength of your family unit making it stronger than ever.

You can implement some of the tools they learn into your own life.

Depression may not have affected you personally even though it nonetheless affected you day in and day out with your teen. The same goes with their treatment. You can use their coping skills in your own life to help you to become much more fulfilled and peaceful with all that is going on.  

You will become an advocate for depression recovery.

Now that you see treatment working for your own teen, you can be of service to other parents who may be scared to death about their adolescent's depression and what it means. By sharing your experiences, fears, and doubts, you can help other parents get through a tough time dealing with the unknown. Guide them into the solution where you are and hopefully they can start to see the blessing of recovery.

You can help to change the stigma of depression.

The stereotype for depression indicates that someone is lazy, unmotivated, or a downer which is degrading for someone who is suffering with a condition that is much bigger than the symptoms. Physical, mental, and stress factors can all play a role in how depression manifests in a person. Unless someone has depression, they cannot understand the debilitating symptoms that cause a person to isolate from others. Depression in teens is a serious condition that should not be misconstrued with moodiness or adolescent angst. You can make a difference in your teen's life by continuing to support their efforts to get well.

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