Does Faith Make a Difference in Adolescent Addiction Treatment? The Answer Is Yes!

Does Faith Make a Difference in Adolescent Addiction Treatment? The Answer Is Yes!

Faith plays a complicated role in addiction treatment, especially for adolescents. Many have argued against faith-based campaigns for abstinence involving sexual activity or the recreational use of drugs and alcohol. They claim that pushing adolescents too far in one direction will cause them to rebel. On the other hand, many have found that the structure and strength of faith helps many adolescents make better choices.

The topics of God, Christ, spirituality, and faith as being controversial in recovery is not unique to adolescent treatment. Long standing programs like Alcoholics Anonymous have emphasized that the answer to addiction and alcoholism is a “spiritual experience” which commences a “psychic change”. Still, many have argued that God has no place in science and addiction is a scientific disease.

Religious Faith and Spirituality in Substance Abuse Recovery: Determining the Mental Health Benefits was a study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse TreatmentFor the study, 236 people who were actively in treatment or receiving some kind of treatment for their problems with addiction were observed. One part of the group was receiving recovery without any kind of faith or quality of God. The other part simply acknowledged that God was part of their personal recovery program. Those who had a faith-based foundation in their recovery had a higher likelihood of completing their programs successfully, according to Teen Challenge.

“…An outlook which was generally more optimistic as well as decreased anxiety were both cited as measurable outcomes for those turning to faith,” the article explains. “Other benefits of these faith-based programs….were the small communities which form in these groups to support and empower the individual along with a diagnosis of the core issues which led to the addictive behavior.”

Faith is defined by confidence and trust as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. When you and your teen choose a treatment program for addiction in recovery, you’re putting your faith in the staff, the program, and the guidance of a God in your life for direction. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, our encouragement of faith helps adolescents learn to put their complete confidence and trust in us as well as their peers for recovery. Throughout the journey they learn to live guided by faith, developing trust in God as well as themselves.

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