Equine Therapy Reduces Children’s PTSD

Equine Therapy Reduces Children’s PTSD

The Horses and Humans Research Foundation recently funded a study into the “Effects of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Youth”.

In the study, there was also a control group who received traditional cognitive behavioral therapy to treat post traumatic stress disorder. Both groups saw a similar reduction in their stress symptoms, indicating that one might not necessitate a full replacement of the other. Combining both traditional psychotherapy methods and non-traditional ones, like equine therapy, might be the most effective approach.

Quoting one of the study’s authors, the article touches an important subject of “burnout”. During the treatment process, there is a lot of emotional discovery, progress, and breakthrough. Through education, life skills, and more, children receive an immense amount of information during the day. Children only go to school for a certain number of hours because more would be overload. Teachers have argued that homework is burdensome because at the end of the day, students are exhausted. “When working with high-risk youth populations who may experience burnout or treatment fatigue from traditional methods, it is useful to identify innovative therapeutic strategies (such as equine-facilitated psychotherapy) that can be used in addition to or in conjunction with traditional methods. The more treatment options that are available, the better.”

Horses have been believed to have healing powers by many ancient civilizations and tribes. For many centuries throughout history, there has been an intimate relationship between man and horse. Children especially can grow loving emotional relationships with horses based on a primary factor: trust. Where children feel unable to let a treatment team get “in”, they can learn to trust a horse. Horses, though they are known to develop quite their own temperament and mannerism, don’t tend to talk back. Life skills like responsibility are crucial for taking care of and participating in activity with a horse. In addition to clinical foundation, horseback riding can provide a feeling of freedom and independence.


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