Fun Ways to Spend Your Summer in Sobriety

Fun Ways to Spend Your Summer in Sobriety

School is out for summer and this is your first sober summer of your life. You may feel anxiety that you are unable to do the normal things that a teenager does with his friends because you are fearful that you will want drink or use around them and with your consequences becoming too high, you do not wish to go down that road again. Finding fun things to enjoy while sober is an option for you.

Host a photo scavenger hunt

Get a group of your sober friends together to play this game with you. Go to a nearby park or the beach and give everyone a list of interesting people, places, or things to capture on camera. Some items may include you in the picture that will create a fun environment for laughter and silliness.

Start a Movie Club

You may be through with books for the summer, but movies can be a way to get everyone together for a fun evening. Everyone can take turns presenting movies at their house each week and then analyze the movie together afterwards. Have all the members of the club pitch in a few bucks to help with costs for movie snacks and movie rentals. Then you can give each movie your own Rotten Tomatoes percentage.

Go on a hike

Navigate the local hiking trails around your area and get moving. Being out in nature is a great way to connect to your Higher Power and give you the reasons why you got sober in the first place. Take a picnic in your backpack to enjoy the scenic view that you trudged to get to and take a breathe before you have get back to reality.

Splash at a Waterpark

Find your nearby waterpark and get a day pass to spend riding the rides and swaying in the wave pool. Swim with your friends to keep cool in the water. Try going down every ride to see which one is the fastest and most daring to initiate the pure delight that waterparks are known for.  

Being sober does not have to be lame and lifeless. Get out there and enjoy your summer when sober, you will be glad you did.

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