Experiential Therapy ProgramsDoes your son have a substance use disorder? If so, your son needs Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center’s boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs. Tucked away on lakefront property, Stonewater offers experiential substance use therapy programs that your son needs.

From art to the great outdoors, Stonewater has it all. No matter the substance or mental illness your son is dealing with, we have the tools to help him succeed. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center offers detox services and recovery support in our residential treatment center. Your son receives 24/7 monitoring and regular drug and alcohol screenings to avoid negative influences.

Learn more about Stonewater’s adolescent substance use therapy programs below.


Substance use therapy isn’t all staying inside. With experiential adventure therapy, your son gains valuable experience in the great outdoors! At Stonewater, adventure and nature excursions during adolescent substance use treatment therapy programs offer clarity to boys.

In our boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs in, we know the value of adventure. Adventures are active and strategic, offering boys a variety of positive life skills. Instead of relying solely on talk therapy, adventure therapists bring boys to the lake, woods, and hills. Once there, boys learn how to create a plan of action and focus exclusively on making progress.

In learning to scale a steep rock wall, for example, boys learn to think strategically while being challenged physically. Visualizing climbing a mountain doesn’t create the same urgency to make quick, smart choices that real life does.


Art, within boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs, incorporates creative expression that allows boys to communicate without words. For boys who struggle to connect socially, identify emotions, or deal with trauma, art is an effective therapeutic tool. Art programs in substance use therapy break down communication barriers. Art in boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs provides an outlet for emotional processing by externalizing internal conflicts. Experiential therapists discuss conflicts identified during art programs in substance use therapy with your son.

Art in adolescent substance use treatment therapy programs in has no set intention or goal. Your son has the freedom to relax, feel comfortable, and share their creations with a therapist or peer group.

In addition to enhancing your son’s self-expression through art, art programs in substance use therapy awaken the brain. Specifically, art activates brain areas related to memory, spatial placement, bodily awareness, and decision-making. Art in our boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs engages all five senses, even if substance abuse damages them. When teens can participate in art, they achieve concentration and mindfulness, while suppressing their cravings.



If your son struggles with mental health and substance abuse, seek out our boys’ substance use treatment therapy. With the help of Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, your son can recover in a safe environment, using our experiential therapy programs. In addition, your son can regain control of their life and hope for a bright future.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Our boys’ substance use treatment therapy in Mississippi can help your son become a sober, healthy man. Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center online or call us at 662.373.2828.