When it comes to substance use, a variety of aspects come into play on assessing where to seek treatment. What needs does the person have? Is the person dealing with any mental health issues? What therapeutic methods can address this person’s needs? At Stonewater, one experiential therapeutic treatment method we utilize as part of our substance use treatment programs is equine therapy. To learn about how an equine therapy program can assist in your child’s recovery process, call Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today. 

What is Equine Therapy? a young man rests his head against his horse as he participates in an equine therapy program in ms

An equine therapy program is a treatment therapy program that teaches your child how to care for another creature and focus on their goals. During the introductory sessions, he will become familiar with our horses. In addition, he will learn the basic skills necessary to care for the horse and grasp the basics of horse behavior. 

During later sessions, he will work with a trained equine therapist to complete activities and exercises with the horses. These interactions will be focused on the goals that he created. People who have participated in an equine therapy program say that working with the horses allows them to take a break from conventional treatment. Moreover, it will enable them to get outside and forget about their responsibilities and their past. This enables them to recenter their focus on something that is useful and productive. 

A good relationship with their horse can be a powerful predictor of how successful your child’s treatment will be. He can build a positive view of himself, as well as get emotional support. Furthermore, this process may encourage your child to stay in treatment longer, increasing their chances of successfully completing their treatment program. Both of these factors tend to indicate positive recovery outcomes

Benefits of an Equine Therapy Program

There are many benefits of an equine therapy program. For example, this therapeutic modality can help your teen build self-efficacy and increase confidence. From the back of the horse, he will see that he is capable of doing more than he expected. This realization in itself can prove beneficial to his recovery process. 

Moreover, this treatment can foster communication and build trust between your son and his therapist. He cannot begin an equine therapy program before he has proven that he’s trustworthy and has the ability to talk through building goals. Once he’s built the lines of communication and trust, he can start working directly with the horses. 

In addition, this process can decrease your son’s isolation. He knows that he’s not alone because he’s working with other people towards his goals. At the same time, he is improving social skills and building empathy and compassion, both of which are important to the recovery process. As a result, he will build relationships with the people around him, as well as the horses. 

He can also begin to accept himself and what he has done. Then, he can move past these factors. He can set boundaries for himself and work towards the goals that he puts in place. Furthermore, through an equine therapy program, he’ll realize that he controls his choices, and those choices have outcomes. Some of these outcomes will be good, while others will be bad. Through this realization, he can learn to control his impulses. Ultimately, an equine therapy program will help him to put things into perspective. 

Choose Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center Today

When you bring your son to Stonewater, you know he’s in our capable and caring hands. We treat a variety of substance use disorders, in addition to treating mental health issues. If he needs treatment for both issues, we provide dual diagnosis treatment. 

In addition to our equine therapy program, we also offer a variety of evidence-based and holistic therapy programs. For example, we offer:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Pet therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy

To learn more about our equine therapy program, or to enroll your son in one of our substance use treatment programs, call us today at 662.373.2828. The next chapter of your son’s life can begin at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center.