When you bring your teen to Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center for substance use treatment, we will introduce him to many types of experiential therapies. Some of the substance use therapies we offer are evidence-based. In other words, substance use treatment specialists have studied them, so we know they work. However, we also offer many holistic therapies. We use holistic therapies to treat your teen’s mind, body, and soul after substance use. One of the holistic treatments we may use is music therapy. A music therapy program can be a potent force in healing your teen’s emotional, physical, and mental needs. Therefore, music therapy may become an integral part of his treatment. 

What is Music Therapy?Music Therapy Program

Music therapy differs from music for entertainment. Music therapy utilizes music to help your teen accomplish their goals. We take care to design this program to treat your teen’s needs and preferences. It provides a variety of benefits within the setting of therapy. While we use it in substance use treatment, it is also particularly useful for teens who suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Bipolar disorder

Your teen does not have to have talent or the ability to play an instrument to take advantage of a music therapy program. They also do not have to create, move, or listen to a specific type of music, because many kinds of music have desirable qualities in therapy. 

How Does Music Therapy Assist in Treating Substance Use?

At Stonewater, a music therapist teaches our music therapy programs. A music therapist is a qualified musician who has finished a music therapy program. They may ask your teen to listen, create, sing, or move to a musical piece. They may change or modify their selections based on your teen’s needs and preferences. 

In time, as your teen participates in a music therapy program, their abilities will improve. They can then use that improvement in other parts of their life, including:

  • Decision making
  • Coping with cravings
  • Stress management

Music therapy can provide your teen with a multitude of benefits. For example, they learn how to communicate with other people by working with a group. They also will learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way. Choosing to sing when he is feeling overwhelmed is a better option for your teen than turning to substance use.

Moreover, music therapy creates positive emotions. These emotions, as a result, make them want to participate in their substance use treatment program. It also reduces stress and helps them to relax. 

Furthermore, music therapy offers your teen a way to combat negative emotions. For example, if your teen struggles with depression or anger management, the positive emotions that the body releases during music therapy can help to overcome those feelings. 

Music therapy also allows your teen to build their confidence. Perhaps in the past, they have not been confident enough to play an instrument or sing in front of people. Through encouragement and music therapy, they can overcome those feelings. As a result, they can carry this confidence into other areas of their life. 

Face the Music at Stonewater

If your teen is ready to begin a substance use treatment program, we’re prepared to help. Our substance use treatment programs can help your teen defeat a variety of dependencies. Furthermore, if mental health is a concern, we also provide dual diagnosis treatment. 

In addition to our music therapy program, we also offer a variety of alternative therapeutic programs, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program
  • Dialectical behavior therapy program
  • Pet therapy program
  • Adventure therapy program
  • Equine therapy program

Don’t wait until it is too late to get help for your teen. Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today at 662.373.2828 to learn more about music therapy or our substance use treatment programs.