When it comes to substance use treatment, there are a variety of treatment methods that we can use. Our adolescent treatment center uses traditional, evidence-based practices. However, we know that many teens need time to relax and unwind. So we also offer a variety of holistic therapies. These therapies provide teens with the tools that they need to achieve and maintain recovery. Our yoga program therapy is one of our popular holistic therapy methods. Discover how we can use a yoga therapy program in conjunction with traditional methods by contacting Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center.

What is a Yoga Therapy Program?a group of teen boys take part in a yoga therapy program

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that began in Eastern India. It is a natural healing method that we use in combination with our evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy. Yoga uses specific postures to teach the person using it to make the connection between their body and their mind. This practice allows our residents to become self-aware and focus their minds.

How Yoga Affects the Mind, Body, and Soul

When a person uses alcohol and drugs, it alters the brain’s reward system, which controls emotions, impulses, decision making, and pleasure. During a teen’s recovery, the brain begins the process of healing and repair. A yoga therapy program can enhance the natural healing process. 

According to research, yoga can increase the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels in the brain. This chemical is a natural tranquilizer that the brain uses to manage stress and anxiety. As the person does yoga and produces more GABA, they will feel less stressed and anxious, which are typical withdrawal symptoms.  

If your teen is stressed, their body reacts accordingly. Their blood pressure, breathing, body temperature, and heart rate all increase. Yoga can counteract these reactions. It can balance and regulate the person’s stress hormones and reduce the other symptoms. Yoga also allows our residents to become more in tune with their bodies, as they learn how to regulate their breathing and learn what their bodies need. 

A yoga therapy program also has a variety of emotional advantages. For instance, a yoga therapy program allows our teens to practice identifying their feelings and controlling them. Consequently, they become more self-reliant and self-confident, so they can recognize cravings and manage them better.

Yoga also can build upon the concepts of a 12-step program. This connection allows our teens to make a connection between meditation, mindfulness, and breathing. They can then use yoga as a tool for self-reflection, which helps them to find inner peace. Then, they can determine what they need to do to make their lives better. 

Other Benefits of a Yoga Therapy Program

A yoga therapy program has a range of physical, psychological, and emotional benefits for teens in substance use treatment. A person can become more flexible and can make the spine stronger. Moreover, it can effectively increase a teen’s ability to concentrate. 

Yoga also allows teens to calm their minds and develop patients. Furthermore, it allows them to sleep better, eat better, and ingrain excellent exercise habits into their lives. As a result, they will have more energy and stamina. Furthermore, yoga can effectively relieve pain and provide emotional healing. 

The benefits of a yoga therapy program can improve your teen’s overall health and wellbeing as they recover from substance use. In short, yoga is an exceptional complement to evidence-based treatment methods. 

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