Adolescents moving toward successful lifelong recovery from substance use or mental health disorders need a stable base for support and continued growth. To encourage and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we want your adolescent to leave Stonewater with the skills needed to recognize the marks of an unsafe environment and an understanding of how to create a safe and supportive space where they can thrive confidently. The opportunity for your adolescent and your family to learn essential aftercare skills at Stonewater is a fundamental part of succeeding in the next step, wherever that may be.

Although studies show a high rate of relapse among adolescents, an established long-term recovery plan and a strong network of family and community can reinforce healthy lifelong recovery practices for a life of safely addressing mental health challenges and living substance free.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center helps your teen learn the tools he needs for success upon his return home or transition to an intensive outpatient program, therapeutic boarding school or other wrap-around family services. Our team will help guide you to the extended care step that makes the most sense for you and your family. We are intentional in building the necessary foundation while your adolescent is with us to support a behavior of independent thought, critical recovery skills and intelligent decision-making. Continued and integrated recovery education is further augmented by positive peer interactions, self-confidence building, family involvement and consistent therapeutic support by our team of clinical therapists, counselors and staff members. Aftercare recovery programs help adolescents to move away from self-centered thinking and isolation and instead make thoughtful decisions regarding their ongoing recovery.

At Stonewater, aftercare programs for teens are customized to each child’s recovery plan and offer extended sober living skills which can be implemented in everyday life. Within each aftercare recovery program or activity, the intention is to help adolescents build upon what they have learned at Stonewater to help them conquer stress and establish trust so that they are equipped to address difficult situations. Additionally, Stonewater stays in touch with our alumni for at least one year after they leave to offer support and resources to prevent relapse and identify struggles. Furthermore, our proprietary Stonewater app gives both adolescent alumni and their families a platform to stay engaged with our team and others they built relationships with while in our program. These critical engagement tools allow our team to remain connected with our alumni residents and families to ensure they are achieving success in the next step of their recovery journey.

Aftercare Recovery Program INCLUDES:

  • Development of personalized recovery planning
  • Family coaching and support
  • Reinforcement of Christian life principles
  • Stress management tools
  • Health and wellness classes
  • Inspirational recovery speakers
  • Organization of sober community events
  • Development of mental health supports
  • Best practices for building a stable home environment
  • Establishing a sense of community
  • Transitional and aftercare programs
  • Employment coaching for teens
  • Educational encouragement and tutoring


Family members are encouraged to learn, alongside their teens, the signs of potential relapse and how to support their loved ones as they face the challenges of life after treatment. Skills which build spiritual, emotional and mental strength are at the core of Stonewater’s family recovery support program with additional focus on the balance between individual independence and open communication with family as the extended support system grows. Adolescents will learn how to interact with peers, withstand pressures from incompatible social groups and build a supportive sober lifestyle around themselves with Stonewater boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs.

Through the Stonewater aftercare recovery program, adolescents are encouraged to pursue lifelong passions. Pursuing these passions develops and enhances cognition and brings joy and stability to their newly-found lifestyle. Whether creative writing, art therapy, or picking up a new sport, your adolescent can learn to nurture areas of development and passion naturally without the need for drugs and alcohol. With the necessary foundation for continuing practices of successful, ongoing recovery, the aftercare program for teens lessens the chances of relapse and encourages growth into a healthy, balanced adult.

Call the intake team at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery today at 662.373.2828 to start building a solid recovery foundation for your adolescent.