In recovery, accountability is at the core of change. While adolescents learn new skills and develop the strength to abstain from drugs and alcohol for a better future, it is important that they remain accountable in every way. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, our Residential Program with around-the-clock supervision supports adolescents throughout their entire treatment stay. This monitored supervision allows the Stonewater team to ensure every adolescent will be safe and secure at all times. In the security of Stonewater, your adolescent can relax and focus their attentions on actively pursuing recovery.

Guarding our patients from an internal relapse whether in mind or body is paramount. When adolescents get lost in isolation or pull away, supervision can help address this behavior and involve therapists the moment change is needed. While 24/7 supervision and monitoring can appear daunting or restrictive for adolescents, the process is actually designed as a critical support tool for their recovery. At Stonewater, supervision allows our adolescents to feel cared for, comfortable and noticed.

The Importance of Drug and Alcohol Screenings

Throughout Stonewater’s adolescent recovery program, whether teens are engaged in Residential, Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Services, consistent drug screening is utilized to establish a baseline for measuring progress and ensuring our adolescents are not prematurely exposed to substances. Each adolescent is strongly encouraged to participate in random, regular drug and alcohol screenings to ensure they are closely following their Individualized Treatment Plan. Each adolescent will work with a counselor, therapist and peer staff to monitor progress in every phase of the program.

During the initial Stonewater intake process, adolescents will be screened for alcohol and other drugs. This critical step in the intake process provides a measurement from which progress can begin. Positive screens during intake or at other phases throughout the program give our team the necessary insight and opportunity to precisely assist each adolescent in his recovery journey. If the adolescent is in an outpatient program, a positive drug screen result can lead to an immediate intervention so that progress can resume without delay. Stonewater believes in a completely drug and alcohol free environment for our adolescent individuals to thrive.

When Families Are Busy, Things Are Missed

Outside of treatment, families are busy with life, and even parents who are extremely involved in their children’s lives miss things. At Stonewater, our professionals are trained to pay attention to every detail. From a slight change in mood and appetite to resistance behaviors and underlying issues, our team is in touch with the details. Nothing slips through the cracks because everything matters. Your child will feel supported even when they feel hopeless. Stonewater’s adolescent addiction programs and caring staff are committed to giving your adolescent the care they need to be strong, confident and comfortable in his own skin. When adolescents feel loved, respected and noticed, they are empowered to contribute to the community of peers working toward a common goal of happiness and lifelong success.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is one of the only treatment centers to offer 24/7 supervision and monitoring with regular alcohol and drug screening. Call today to enroll your adolescent at 662-259-8474.