Substance use and mental health treatment aren’t achieved wholly indoors in therapy sessions with a counselor; some of the most invaluable treatment is experienced through wellness exercises outside in nature. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is built on a beautiful lakefront property, ideal for enjoying both indoor and outdoor experiential therapies. Adventure and nature therapies utilize guided outdoor access to create clarity for adolescents, allowing them to better understand the way their emotions can effect and drive addictions.

The Psychology of Adventure

Adventure involves action and strategy, offering adolescents a variety of life skills they can later apply positively in life situations. Instead of relying exclusively on talk therapy, our adventure therapists take to the lake, woods and hills to teach adolescents how to create a plan of action and put their minds to actively making progress. If learning to scale the steep incline of a rock wall during a rock climbing exercise, individuals are forced to think strategically, challenge themselves physically and make thoughtful choices. Merely visualizing climbing a mountain does not create the same urgency to make quick and strategic choices that a real-life situation is able to impose. The coping skills your adolescent learns in treatment at Stonewater can be enhanced during Adventure & Nature Therapy while simultaneously teaching the importance of peer support and encouragement.

How do adventure and nature work together to combat substance use and mental health disorders?

A natural environment is a place where structured therapies can be built upon through peaceful and relaxing meditation in nature or a challenging experience outdoors. From methodical outdoor gardening to exciting ropes courses, our hands-on, interactive Adventure & Nature Therapy incorporates elements of nature and adventure to show adolescents new ways to enjoy the world without stress from previous experiences or relapse triggers. In nature, adolescents can have the freedom to focus on their thoughts and simply absorb and interact with the landscape surrounding them. Outside the confines of an indoor therapy space, our patients can practice what they have learned in other therapies, employing the skills of self-reflection, emotional processing and engagement of the senses through the natural and physical environment.

If you think your teen is ready to experience all the wonder of nature in therapy, call Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today at 662-259-8474.