Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program at Stonewater is a structured outpatient program designed to work with adolescents therapeutically while they are living autonomously or in a family environment. The Stonewater Intensive Outpatient Program incorporates evidenced-based practices such as Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Group Education, Family Therapy and experiential therapies while allowing the adolescent to return home daily. The adolescent continues to have access to school, work or other activities while pursuing recovery goals as part of the IOP Individual Service Plan.

IOP at Stonewater lasts up to 15 weeks and includes three meetings each week, for a minimum of 2 hours per day. The program is offered in convenient morning or afternoon sessions so that the adolescent can still participate in other daily external activities. IOP assists in driving successful community living and promotes positive outcomes for future success.

Customized and Modified Treatment

Each adolescent accessing the Stonewater IOP will meet with our team of professionals who will design a customized care plan to meet specific individual needs. This care plan, referred to as the Individual Service Plan, is completed only after those close to the patient have been interviewed, including family members, teachers, caregivers or anyone else associated with the individual in a personal or regular way. After the initial intake meeting, a therapist will review any prior care plans and make recommendations for further therapy and treatment. For example, if determined from the intake interviews that your adolescent would benefit from further social interaction with peers and in-depth life skill therapy sessions, the Individual Service Plan will incorporate these specific therapies. This individualized approach targets special areas for each adolescent to strengthen each individual’s ability to refrain from relapse. Retaining emotional and spiritual well-being means programs must be malleable and easily modified according to how well each adolescent is responding to treatment.

IOP offers your adolescent:

  • Stable environment
  • Necessary coping strategies for daily living
  • Access to professional therapist
  • Support groups
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Confidence-building activities
  • Support for lifelong recovery
  • Accountability
  • Random drug screening

Stonewater helps each adolescent build a safe place and work within the community to foster sober living, as well as teaches patients how to surround themselves with uplifting activities and people that support their sober lifestyle. The Intensive Outpatient Program is the best place to successfully build a consistent and adaptable relationship between an active adolescent lifestyle and a nurturing recovery space for a bright future.

If you feel that your loved one would benefit from our Intensive Outpatient Program, please call Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today at 662-259-8474. You’re not alone in addiction; whether residential or outpatient treatment, we are re here to get your family back on track.