At Stonewater, your loved one is able to continue academic education while in recovery. Our nationally accredited academic curriculum allows for each adolescent to stay in school and accumulate credits while attending our residential treatment program. A private school setting that integrates your child’s level-appropriate academic education with recovery skills, motivational reinforcement and an understanding staff trained in addiction treatment help your child to more seamlessly transition to school and social life when leaving Stonewater.

Academic Curriculum at Stonewater

Stonewater offers a series of online-based classes provided by the nationally accredited University of Mississippi High School. Each course is also supplemented and supervised by a qualified teacher. Each day, dedicated time is spent covering the disciplines of math, English, science, history and a variety of other subjects. Through this academic platform, our patients are able to move at their own pace through a unique customized curriculum. Our on-staff teacher is available to help with course work assigned from each curriculum for each individual student. In addition to the required academics, adolescents will learn about their addictions. The school schedule is balanced with therapy sessions to create an optimal environment for addiction treatment and academic maintenance.

Benefits of Academic Curriculum:

  • Dedicated one-on-one time with a teacher
  • Supportive academic progress reports
  • Academic skill building
  • Alternative approaches to difficult subjects
  • Active study habits
  • Stress relieving practices
  • Uncovering of new academic strengths
  • Deepened understanding of addictions and behaviors

Addiction Can Lead to Drop Out

Over one million high school students drop out of school in the United States each year. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, more than 30 percent of those students use drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, most of these adolescents will never be admitted into recovery treatment because parents are either unaware of the adolescent’s substance use or unsure of how to seek effective treatment.

To prevent adolescents from falling deeper into co-occurring addictions and further behind in school, mental health and substance use diagnoses are necessary. Addiction treatment that focuses on talk and experiential therapies while also teaching life skills and positive reinforcement will help your adolescent develop a positive outlook and the necessary tools for successful recovery. When adolescents are uplifted and encouraged to believe in progress, positive change can happen. Stonewater’s academic curriculum will allow teens to enhance academic learning abilities alongside mental health and addiction therapy in order to address all sides of their substance use disorder.

Find out more about the custom academic program at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center by calling 662-259-8474.