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Signs that Your Teen is the Bully

You probably could never imagine or want to admit that your teen is a bully. Sometimes to protect your own offspring you may unintentionally enable them to continue with bad behavior because you may not see the signs or are not equipped to broach the situation. If you have an indication that your teen may be bullying someone, you can help them and the situation by just being aware of what the signs that your teen could be displaying before you. Take a breath and know that hurt people hurt people. You have a huge chance to change what is happening with your teenager by first figuring out if they are indeed the bully.

They are fixated with being popular

Teens who speak mostly about how popular they want to be and are obsessed with how they can achieve this status shows they have an immense amount of insecurities. They typically will exclude or act hostile to other teens who they find different from them - teens who do not measure up to their expectations in looks, clothes, or social status.

They hang out with friends who are hostile

Your teen will become what they hang around and vice versa. You may not see the signs in your own child at home, but if their friend shows signs of aggressive behavior than there could be a possibility that your teen may be following suit.

They have sleep problems

Recent studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) show that those adolescents who do not achieve a good night's sleep due to sleep-related breathing problems have a higher tendency to bully. Oxygen levels can interrupt REM sleep which makes an adolescent less rested overall and cause them to display aggravated and vicious behaviors that can mimic those of ADHD behaviors.

They do not have a solid relationship with you

You may be a great parent where it counts, but if your teen thinks that they are an annoyance to you or feel like you are frequently angry at them, they may turn around and model that behavior to their peers. This does not mean that your teen's bullying is necessarily your fault. What this means is that you have a great possibility to improve the dynamics in your home and make your teenager's circumstances much better by making a few changes. By understanding the signs that your teen may be a bully, you can develop practical solutions to help them to stop. Use the principal, teachers, counselors, or therapists to rally around your teenager and make them become more socially successful.

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