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Adolescent Treatment Packing List

What to Bring & What to Leave at Home

Of all the steps in the recovery process, packing for adolescent treatment can be one of the most overwhelming and heartbreaking. Putting items in a suitcase carries a heavy load of emotional weight. Whether it’s your child’s first time away from home — and your first time preparing them to leave under these circumstances — or another attempt at recovery for your family, packing is one of the last things that you can do to start your child’s journey off right. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we do everything we can to ensure that your adolescent feels welcomed, safe, and at home from the moment that they arrive at our residential adolescent treatment campus in Oxford, MS. Here are some tips on how you can help prepare them for their experience.

 What to Pack for Adolescent Treatment


Pack appropriate clothing for one to two weeks of wear. We do have laundry facilities on site. 

6 pairs jeans/khakis (must have belt loops, no holes or rips)

3 pairs khaki/denim shorts (during warm weather seasons)

1 pair swim shorts (to top of the knee)

3 pairs gym shorts (to top of the knee) and/or joggers

1 pair shower shoes (or flip-flops)

6 t-shirts (long or short sleeve)

2 sets of pajamas/sleep clothes

7 pairs of underwear, socks

1 belt Standard-size pillow if desired (one is provided)

2 collared/button down shirts

2 pairs of athletic shoes, 2 pairs of dress or casual shoes (all shoes must have backs - no slides)

2 jackets/pullovers/hoodies

Gloves, scarf, boots, depending on the season






Face lotion


Body lotion





Body wash


*All toiletries must be unopened and non-aerosol and must not contain alcohol or CBD.

Extra Items


Sleep mask, if appropriate

Slippers/comfy socks

Photos of loved ones

Musical instruments

IMPORTANT: Large ziplock bag with any prescription medications your child is currently taking INCLUDING all medication instructions with times, dosage, etc.

 What to Leave at Home

Inappropriate clothing featuring alcohol, drugs, sexual or violent content
Sheets and pillows — We provide clean and comfortable accommodations.
Body sprays
Food from the outside — Our kitchen is fully stocked with delicious options!
Video game consoles, smart watches, or other tech
Expensive or irreplaceable items
 Electronic items such as iPads, cell phones, computers, headphones, radios, Bluetooth devices
 Tobacco products
 Cologne or anything with alcohol/CBD
 Electric toothbrushes
 Chewing gum
 Razors (These will be provided by Stonewater as needed.)
Picture frames (Photo albums or loose photos are ok.)
 Pens, writing utensils, permanent markers or paints (These will be provided as needed by Stonewater.)
 Caps, hats, headbands or sunglasses

Download Your Packing List Here!

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Forget Something?

In the hectic last days before treatment, sometimes items fall through the cracks. Yet, there’s no need for that last-minute pharmacy stop. We’re pleased to offer a small selection of toiletries and personal care items to arriving residents and their families.