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The adolescent treatment process at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center was designed to help families get the help that they need in an easy, efficient manner.

Learn more about how it works below. To download your own copy of our Process sheet, click here.

I. Pre-Admission

We will listen to understand what events and circumstances have led the family to seek treatment.

Based on each family’s needs, we will determine if the adolescent is a fit for the Stonewater program.

We will take the time to explain in detail the Stonewater approach and program for both the adolescent and the family.

We will support the family with each step forward toward their treatment at Stonewater, timely and knowledgeably.

II. Admission

We will provide a Family Welcome Folder to the family; We will provide orientation materials and Peer Support for the resident.

We will complete a virtual admission with the family and our team.

Our Clinical Team will complete resident and family assessments with the resident and the family.

Our Primary Clinical Therapist in conjunction with our Interdisciplinary Team will develop an individual plan and review this with the resident ongoing so that goals and progress are clear.

III. Treatment

We will complete psychological testing with a psychologist for each resident to give diagnostic clarity.

Our programming operates from a DBT platform, proven experiential modalities, CBT and trauma-informed care.

Through providing adolescent-only care, we have expertise in adolescent-specific clinical, medical, academic and behavioral needs.

We will foster an environment of love, support, safety and encouragement; Many of our team members have personal or family experience in mental health and/or substance use disorders.

We have a beautiful campus and residential accommodations with opportunities to be outside, be active and have fun.

IV. Recovery

We will offer collaborative recovery support planning for the most supportive possible long-term options.

We will help families design a contract to consider the resident’s and family’s specific needs and challenges.

We will create ongoing connection to our team through phone calls, virtual meetings and an alumni app.

We will create ongoing connection to our team through phone calls, virtual meetings and an alumni app.

We will encourage the entire family to be a part of the treatment process and offer various opportunities for parents and siblings to get involved.