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Paying for Adolescent Treatment with Aetna Insurance

No family should ever have to forgo treatment for their child simply because of the name of their insurance plan. That is why Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center accepts most major insurances, such as Cigna, Kaiser, Tricare, United/UMR, and Aetna for adolescent substance use and mental health treatment.

Understanding Aetna Insurance

Founded in 1853, Aetna is a major insurance provider serving nearly 40 million people across the United States. Because the company was originally founded in Hartford, CT, it maintains strong roots in the Northeast but has a presence nationwide. If you have an Aetna insurance plan, you may be eligible to utilize your coverage for your child's adolescent addiction treatment at Stonewater.


Using  Aetna Insurance for Adolescent Treatment

Just as all insurance companies are different, so, too, are the individual plans offered by each provider. Insurance companies even sometimes offer different options to people living in different states, or working for different employers. For that reason, the best place to start exploring your path to paying for treatment starts with understanding your own policy.

To do so, you can contact the customer service number listed on your Aetna insurance card, or log in to your online account to access plan details. If you’ve done that in the past, though, you probably know that it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. Deciphering the insider jargon of insurance plans and understanding how it all applies to your own unique situation is overwhelming in the best of times — and nearly impossible when you’re navigating a crisis.

At Stonewater, we work with Aetna insurance plans that cover mental health and substance abuse treatment for adolescents and we can guide you through the process of confirming coverage for these services. We employ a team of experts dedicated to working with the insurance companies and clarifying your options for you. All you have to do is provide your insurance information, and we can “verify your benefits,” returning to you a rundown of what you will be expected to pay out of pocket.

Adolescent Treatment at Stonewater with Aetna

Even subscribers who have excellent insurance are often expected to pay a not-insignificant sum out of pocket for treatment. Insurance companies require you to pay deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and coinsurance to protect themselves from people who may otherwise abuse their coverage. However, the good news is that your expected contribution may be less with each month of treatment, as you exhaust those prerequisites for coverage. 

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In any case, our intake team will speak with you over the phone to ensure that you understand what your insurance will pay, and what you will owe. If you agree to the financials, we can move forward with the admissions process. Our experienced intake professionals will evaluate your child's needs in a pre-admission assessment, and will begin to develop a personalized treatment plan.

However, if your expected contribution still feels out of reach, there are other options. Many families look to “rainy day” funds like 401Ks, home equity lines, or family loans to cover the cost of treatment. Others may opt for financing to help spread out the cost. No matter your plan, it’s crucial to know that you needn’t allow yourself to become paralyzed by sticker shock. Our team can work with you to figure out a creative solution. We’ve done it for countless families just like yours.

 Why Choose Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center?

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is dedicated to helping you get your child back. Better. We offer comprehensive, evidence-based programming tailored to the unique needs of each adolescent we treat.

This programming encompasses a wide range of services, including:

Comprehensive Psychological Testing

Each resident undergoes extensive testing upon admission to give our clinical team a clear path forward.

Individual & Group Therapy

Our licensed therapists provide personalized counseling sessions to address the underlying causes of addiction or mental health issues, promoting healing and growth, and clients receive more than 40 hours of group therapy weekly.

Family Therapy and Support

Family involvement in the recovery process is vital. For that reason, we offer each family a dedicated Family Recovery Support Therapist that can guide the way to healing and transformation for all family members.

Programming with Purpose

We strive to ensure that your child's academic and career goals remain intact during treatment, providing educational support and vocational guidance.

School On Site

We have an accredited school right on campus, led by our beloved Headmaster. Residents follow their own curriculum, often completing GEDs, raising their GPA, and seeing academic success the likes of which they haven’t seen for a long time.

Recreational Therapy and Outdoor Activities

Located on 62 beautiful acres, our campus offers a variety of recreational therapy and outdoor activities promoting physical health, self-confidence, teamwork, personal growth, and resilience.

DBT-Informed Platform

DBT is a powerful tool for healing all kinds of behavioral health issues — especially in adolescents. Our entire team is DBT-trained, ensuring that clients have a cohesive treatment experience.

Aftercare Planning and Support

Long-term recovery requires thoughtful planning. Our team assists each family in developing a custom aftercare plan to ensure a smooth transition back into daily life, including support group recommendations, outpatient resources, the Stonewater app, and more.