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Family Program

at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

The goal of sending a child to adolescent treatment isn’t just to get your child back; it’s also to get your family back, your hope back, your joy back, too. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we understand that an adolescent’s mental health or substance use challenges can have a serious impact on the entire family unit. That’s why our family program is not just an add-on to our adolescent treatment. Rather, our family program is an integral part of the Stonewater experience — and crucial to the healing of your entire family.


What is A Family Program?

Just as adolescent treatment is highly customized according to need, so too does the Family Program take shape depending on your own family’s unique situation. We offer a variety of resources to ensure that all of your needs are met at each stage of treatment.

Family Program

Family Recovery Support Therapist

That begins with your dedicated Family Recovery Support Therapist, who will meet with you via teleconferencing to provide updates and information to work with you on communicating and implementing boundaries and to help best support your child during their stay and after treatment.

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Group Therapy for Family Recovery

In addition, you’ll find comfort and connection in our vibrant group therapy sessions, as other families share their stories and you learn how to navigate recovery — in support of your adolescent, your other family members, and yourself.

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Family Treatment Sessions

Robust family programming is always an integral part of each Stonewater resident’s treatment plan. You will be invited to join your adolescent in sessions with their therapist and wider treatment team as you explore the roots of their challenges and brainstorm ways to move forward as a family into recovery.

Family Days Onsite at Stonewater

Experience life at Stonewater firsthand during our on-site Family Days in Oxford, MS. Each visit includes plenty of time for reconnection and bonding, as well as intensive workshops and therapeutic exercises to advance your family’s healing.

9:00 AM Welcome to Stonewater!

One of our Clinical Therapists will discuss the day’s agenda, activities and guidelines.

9:05 AM Family Intensive Workshop

The family program will rotate from month to month according to a four-module Family Intensive curriculum including psychoeducational and experiential content. This is a valuable opportunity for you to meet other families who are going through the same journey but may be at a different point along the path.

12:30 PM Lunch at the Barn

Lunch at The Barn

1:00 PM Family Visit

Families head to the Main House for the afternoon visit.

1:30 PM Fun Family Activity

Families and residents will participate in a fun, structured activity designed to promote healthy fellowship through positive interactions. This is often an outside activity (weather permitting). Even if it’s a bit out of your comfort zone, we challenge you to engage as much as possible in healthy fun with the other Family Day participants!

3:00 PM Family Free Time

After the family activity, you can enjoy free time with your child in a designated area on campus. It can be as simple as frisbee throwing, corn hole, talking on the dock or playing basketball.

3:45 PM Family Day Wrap-Up

At this time, we’ll ask you to make your way to the Stonewater shuttle for one last hug and goodbye...until the next Family Day!

4:00 PM Family Day Process Group

Back at The Barn, we will have a brief session to review and process the day’s events. Each family will share highlights or challenges from their time with family and support each other as a group following the emotions and excitement of the day.

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Ongoing Family Support

Many Stonewater families continue their healing even after their child returns home from treatment. Group therapy sessions are open to Stonewater families on a continuing basis, and our alumni app and virtual IOP program for adolescents help families stay connected to their support system at Stonewater.