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Why Peer Pressure is Still a Problem

Most teenagers desire to be part of a group and will do just about anything to fit in. This is a tale as old time due to the stage of life that the teenage years represent. Teens are in the beginning phases of finding out who they are which mostly come from their friends and from their parent's lame rules and moral standards. Instead of trying to find out from their parents who they perceive to be too old to be relevant, teens will look to their friends who often do not have the most mature ideas and still follow their lead. Peer pressure is defined as influence from members of one's peer group. As a society, most people view peer pressure as a negative leverage from one or more persons to another. Drinking, drugs, sex, smoking, cutting class, and shoplifting are the most common ways that teens find themselves being pressured to do the things that their friends want them to do. With social media and apps basically tattling on teens, there has been more awareness of what parents are up against with peer pressure although it will probably not be stopped entirely anytime soon.   Willing to say no is the most powerful tool that a teenager has to offer. Influencing them to do better things with their time such as extra-curricular activities at school, joining a youth group at church, exercising, or finding a hobby can help your teen to stand their ground against what they know to be wrong. With consistency and discipline from parents, teens are able to make better decisions in their life. Peer pressure is not always negative in fact. Teenagers can also learn positive attributes from their peers. Learning a new trick in basketball or finding a different method to study French words for class can be a way for teens to influence one another for the good. By keeping teens busy with practical activities they enjoy, screening their friends and the parents of their friends, parents can make better judgements regarding their teens. The more parents are informed of what their teens are doing and who they are doing it with, the more that they can understand their mentality and how peer pressure could affect their well-being. Peer pressure is not something to take lightly but can give you indication for how you need to move forward. Knowledge is power especially when combating the effects of having to deal with peer pressure with your teen.

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