Built on the passion for helping adolescents find comprehensive treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center creates varied treatment programs customized to each adolescent. By providing a secure, safe, and comfortable space, our adolescents have the freedom and support they need to become emotionally, spiritually, and physically restored. Our evidence-based programming and experiential therapies meet adolescents at their unique stage of development and lead them to choose healthy, positive lives going forward. Take the first step towards recovery with our boys’ teen substance use treatment center.


Our dedicated team of experienced specialists are leaders in adolescent substance use disorders and committed to helping your family to understand all aspects of adolescent substance use issues. At Stonewater, your adolescent and your family can build a solid foundation upon which you can understand and begin your journey to lifelong recovery. We believe in the necessity of combining the fundamentals of Christian faith with the learned behaviors proven successful for continuously overcoming drug and alcohol use.

The process of planning your child’s treatment begins with the first phone call. By answering some simple questions, our staff can ensure proper placement into the correct services offered in our continuum of care. The clinically supervised withdrawal management program is offered to adolescents who have recently stopped using a substance. From there, the adolescent can transition safely into our Residential Treatment Program. Upon completing the Residential Treatment Program, adolescents may participate in various lower levels of care, depending on what is most appropriate for the individual adolescent. The entire continuum is built upon the importance of peers supporting peers. Staff and peers assist in removing substance use from the center of the adolescent’s thoughts and pointing them toward a disciplined lifestyle of purposeful choices.


  • Art Therapy
  • Exercise & Nutritional Wellness
  • Spiritual Therapy
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Leadership Training Program for Young Men
  • Peer Support Services
  • Family Coaching and Sober Escort to Treatment
  • Private Academic Curriculum