Every experiential therapy reinforces a particular skill set that helps your adolescent transition from an addictive or unhealthy mindset to a clean and sober way of life. Our art therapy program is one type of experiential therapy that can bring the addictive or unhealthy mind comfort and calm without the pressure associated with talk therapy, allowing for varied levels and forms of communication through creative expression. The Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center team believes that individualized teen boys’ substance use treatment therapy programs focused on specific areas of development are essential for complete transformation for your adolescent.


Adolescent art therapy programs incorporate various mediums of tangible creative expression with which your loved one can communicate feelings without words. For teens who have difficulty connecting with their peers and family members, identifying emotions orally or who are struggling with trauma, the art therapy program has proven to break through communication barriers. Art therapy programs provide an outlet for emotional processing by externalizing internal conflicts. These conflicts can then be identified for future discussions with a therapist. Instead of internalizing these strong feelings, adolescents are encouraged to choose pen and paper, paintbrushes, sculpting clay or various other creative options to reflect and create.


In art therapy program sessions, there is no intention set or goal to achieve. The adolescent is given the freedom to relax, be comfortable and share their creations with a therapist or group to better understand the struggle within.

In addition to enhancing the adolescent’s voice through art, these art therapy program sessions awaken areas of the brain connected to memory, spatial placement, body awareness and decision-making. All five senses can be activated through art therapy, many of which have been compromised with substance use. When teens are able to engage in art, they achieve concentration and mindful wellness while their cravings are suppressed.

Find the right teen boys’ substance use treatment center program for your adolescent.


  • Stress relief
  • Opens the mind creatively
  • Invigorates various inactive parts of the brain
  • Mindfulness
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Encourages self-discovery
  • Breaks down emotional distress
  • Promotes active expression
  • Prevents relapse by reducing cravings
  • Emotional healing
  • Increases neuroplasticity
  • Creates sense of community
  • Builds trust between peers

Throughout our art therapy program, every piece of art acts as a timepiece or marker for the progress your teen is making in recovery. This allows them to see the change in their work from the moment treatment begins to the day they leave Stonewater to put their sobriety into real-world practice. Our art therapy program is one of the many stress-relieving outlets that can bring joy to your adolescent’s life and be used continually as a resource for relaxation and release. In addition to adolescent art therapy programs, other stress-relieving activities include boys’ adventure and nature therapy program.

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