Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is a unique, adolescent, substance use disorder and dual diagnosis treatment program providing every resident with a comprehensive and customized level of care.



Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is located on 62 acres of grasslands in the rolling, green hill country of Northern Mississippi. The custom-built residential stone lodge overlooks a peaceful lake, providing a safe and protective environment removed from the pressures of the outside world. At Stonewater, we offer our residents a home where they can feel the comfort to explore nature and focus on removing themselves from the mindset of substance use. The Fikes family built the Stonewater program out of sincere compassion for young males facing alcohol and drug dependence and a first-hand experience with the heartache and distress which threatens to destroy a family in the wake of substance use disorder.

Bryan Fikes, part of the founding family, began to face the pressures of fitting in and finding his place as an early adolescent. Although active in sports and the community, Bryan struggled to find his identity as a growing and developing young person. This search eventually led Bryan to a peer group who introduced him to drugs, alcohol, and an ongoing search to find the next high. Although there was countless emotional, mental, and physical evidence of his substance use, Bryan’s family mistook them for signs of puberty and healthy development for a young male. When Bryan’s substance use ultimately led him to arrest and jail, his family then faced the fear and uncertainty of how they could save him.

Through an extensive, multifaceted rehabilitation program, Bryan was eventually able to reconnect with his family, his Christian faith and a purpose that opened his heart to wellness and a healthy way of thinking. After learning first-hand the obstacles an individual and family face when confronted with adolescent substance use, from finding an effective treatment program to restoring relationships for complete family healing, the Fikes family committed to creating a safe and secure haven for other adolescents to reengage with their youth and find lifelong healing. The customized programs for each resident at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center are designed to build a solid, lasting foundation, promote cleansing and renewal to start anew, and ultimately bring families back together for the ongoing journey of recovery.


From the Ashes We Rise

In defining a name which would embody the unique philosophy of Stonewater's adolescent substance use treatment program, it was important to incorporate the cornerstones of successful recovery. Recovery must be built upon a strong foundation that can support comprehensive wellness and positive lifelong behaviors within adolescent residents. Simultaneously, recovery must incorporate cleansing, both body and mind, of addictive behaviors to allow renewal and restoration in the aftermath of substance use. “Stone” represents the solid rock upon which one builds lifelong recovery while “water” represents the continuous cleansing and purification as one overcomes substance use disorder. Stonewater commits to help your child and your family learn and understand the tools necessary to emerge restored and equipped for successful long-term recovery.


Stonewater Understands

Like you and your family, our family has struggled with the most difficult parts of substance use disorder. We strive to help families and adolescent males find a place they can open up and explore their emotions and triggers for substance use freely without fear, worry or guilt. Substance use disorder is complicated, so we offer a customized continuum of care for each child that establishes the building blocks for long-term success. Our highly-trained, dedicated team of specialists in substance use treatment, wellness and education come together to give Stonewater life. When your family arrives on the grounds of Stonewater, our hope is that you feel welcomed, secure and assured. At Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we take every step possible to offer you clarity, comfort, and relief from the confusion of how best to treat your child. And if Stonewater isn't right for you, we'll help you to find a place that is. From our family to yours, welcome to finding freedom from the ties of substance use.

The Residential Treatment Center at Stonewater

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center is a family-owned, adolescent, 60-90 day, dual-diagnosis treatment program providing every adolescent with comprehensive and customized care in a beautiful, peaceful environment. Clinically driven and relationship-based, Stonewater combines a DBT-informed platform with purpose-focused programming, experiential therapies and 12 Step integration to ensure our adolescents develop the tools they need for long term success. After extensive assessment including psychological testing, our team works to create the best possible plan to effect real change – change that is not only visible in the treatment setting but as the adolescent re-adapts to life outside.

Whether the diagnosis is anxiety, depression, a substance use disorder or other mental health disorders, our clinical team does not limit our adolescents to a diagnosis. We build on the inherent strengths of each individual through identifying their gifts, reconnecting them with goals, addressing trauma and helping the adolescent find and achieve newfound purpose. Families are supported through a dedicated Family Recovery Support Therapist and bi-monthly Family Intensives to help them do their own personal work and understand how best to support their child during and after treatment.

At Stonewater, our entire team is DBT-trained, not just our clinicians. We have identified the most relevant struggles and, in turn, effective DBT skills for the young men we treat. They then learn to master a focused sub-set of DBT skills during their time with us. These skills focus on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

The Stonewater program is designed to help young men positively change their behaviors: increasing individual choice for abstinence, developing positive family and social connections, establishing meaningful involvement in their own education and learning to develop positive, healthy responses to stressors. It is through these outcomes that we believe an adolescent will build the strong foundation from which they can grow and succeed. Past hurts will no longer dictate future decisions, and healing from these hurts will establish the strength needed to achieve lasting recovery.

Summary of Our Services

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