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Navigating adolescent treatment options is overwhelming. These frequently asked questions can serve as a handy resource.

What ages do you accept?

Stonewater welcomes adolescents ages 12 to 18 in both our residential and virtual intensive outpatient program.

Do you treat boys and girls?

Stonewater welcomes adolescent boys, ages 12 to 18, in our residential program. We treat both girls and boys, ages 12-18, in our virtual intensive outpatient program. 

Are you a faith-based program?

Stonewater is not a faith-based program. While there are faith-based activities available, participation is optional. Our founders largely accredit their faith to their own success in recovery and, as such, experienced how beneficial faith can be in the treatment journey.

What is the cost?

The cost of treatment varies widely depending on each family’s specific insurance policy (or policies). The best way to determine what your investment will be is to fill out a verification of benefits form. Our team will work with your insurance company to learn more about your policy and share the results with you in an easy, straightforward manner.

How long is the program?

Every individual recovery journey is different, but we recommend an ideal treatment stay of 90 days.

Is this program just for substance use?

Stonewater is a dual-diagnosis program that treats both mental health disorders and the substance use that may arise from them. While many of our residents have a mental health primary diagnosis with substance use as secondary, we do not take adolescents with no problematic substance use at all. The majority of our residents identify marijuana, vaping, or nicotine as their drug of choice.

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More Questions?

Reach out to our team via chat or our contact page to get the information you need.