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Paying for Adolescent Treatment with Other Insurance

When a child is in crisis, the solution should be simple. Unfortunately, finding and paying for appropriate adolescent mental health and substance use treatment is often complex. Utilizing insurance benefits can be one of the most confusing aspects of a challenging process. However, paying for adolescent treatment is possible with a variety of insurance providers, and Stonewater  is dedicated to helping families understand how to do so.

Understanding Adolescent Treatment

There’s never been a greater need for adolescent treatment: According to NIMH (the National Institute of Mental Health), as much as 20% of American adolescents will experience a “severe” mental health crisis during their lives. What’s more, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, another government entity) has reported that roughly 5% of adolescents have an active substance use disorder.

Does My Insurance Cover  Adolescent Treatment?

The best way to know what your plan will cover is to verify your benefits. This can be done by calling your provider directly at the number listed on your health insurance card. Or, if you provide the basic details of your plan to our expert team, they can speak with the insurance company on your behalf and then present a full picture of your financial responsibilities to you. Co-pays, deductibles, and out of pocket requirements can be overwhelming, but our team will work with you to make sure you feel confident about what your plan will cover and what you will need to contribute. We are able to accept most insurances as an out-of-network provider, and can often obtain SCAs (single case agreements) to utilize your in-network benefits. All you have to do is reach out to get started.


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Paying for Adolescent Treatment with Insurance

Understanding the nature of your unique plan is essential, so verifying your benefits is a great first step. If you’re able to cover your personal financial responsibility, moving forward is simple. Even if your plan does not offer the level of coverage that you were expecting, there are many paths forward:

Alternative Payment for Adolescent Treatment

Some families may explore secondary insurance policies, which may be available through a family member’s employer. This can augment the coverage that you’re getting from your  main plan, reducing the needed expense. Others may research and apply for grants from nonprofits, or support from their church or community group. Still others may contact their insurance providers directly in order to lobby for their child, or may authorize a medical advocate to communicate with the insurance company on their behalf.

Help with Adolescent Treatment Financing

If your coverage from other insurance falls short of what you need, there are other options. Stonewater is proud to offer plans through Optimum Finance to help families finance adolescent treatment. Review your options and begin the application process HERE.

We can also help you brainstorm additional ways to cover the cost of adolescent mental health or substance use treatment. Your school district may pay a portion of a child’s treatment costs if your treatment provider has an accredited school on site like Stonewater does, for example. Or, you may be able to find support from your church or other community resources.

No matter the details of your situation, our team will walk you through your entire financial landscape, so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision.