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3 Benefits of Adolescent Treatment During the Holidays

Every year, the holidays are a merry time, promoting generosity, peace, and goodwill on Earth. Unfortunately, if you're struggling with a teen who is battling a drug or alcohol addiction, this time can also include unique challenges. Many parents are reluctant to send their children to an adolescent substance abuse treatment center during this time. However, we have several excellent reasons that you should encourage your teen to seek treatment during the holiday season. To learn more about our adolescent treatment program, reach out to Stonewater Adolescent Treatment center today at 662.373.2828.

Benefits of Adolescent Treatment During the Holidays

Many parents see the challenges that their children are facing when they're addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, they may choose to make excuses or put off sending their children to get treatment around the holidays. However, putting off treatment can cause the condition to get worse. If you are unable to control your child's use, they may also end up overdosing, which can lead to your holidays taking a dark turn. There are three major benefits of adolescent treatment during the holidays.

1. Providing Structure For Your Teen

One reason that many teens begin using drugs is that they lack structure in their daily life. With the ongoing pandemic, it is often all too easy for teens to lose themselves in the chaos. They may then turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the uncertainty. With the winter holidays, your teen may have extra free time and, as a result, more opportunities to get into trouble. Fortunately, by sending your child to our addiction treatment center, you can prevent them from using drugs or alcohol during the holidays. In our treatment center, they'll know what they're doing every day and have continual support.

2. Start the New Year Off Right

Every year, people make resolutions to better their lives. These resolutions can include things like going to the gym more often, working towards their goals, and spending less money. However, rarely do people stick to these resolutions. They haven't prepared for them, and, therefore, when they encounter stress or temptation, they do not have the tools to keep on track. However, by sending your child to an addiction treatment center during the holidays, you're helping them prepare for sobriety in the long run. They'll also receive coping mechanisms to manage using a wide array of therapies, including: These coping mechanisms will help them manage their stress and triggers so they do not fall back into the patterns of addiction outside of treatment.

3. Helps You Reconnect With Your Child

The holidays are a time for family and fellowship, However, in many cases, addiction can cause great divides between the person using drugs and alcohol and their family members. Your child may have lied or stolen from you to fund their addiction. This broken trust can lead to fights, arguments, and separation within the family unit. Fortunately, we believe that family should always be involved in the recovery process. As such, we offer a unique family program that can help you rebuild your relationships with your child.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

Don't let your child's substance abuse keep you from enjoying the holidays. When you work with Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs, including: To learn more about our adolescent treatment center, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today by calling us at 662.373.2828.