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3 Incentivizing Ways to Keep Kids Focused

In our previous blog, we looked at the way kids are distracted in the modern digital age and some steps we can take to help our kids maintain their focus in order to sharpen their mind. We talked about meditation and mindfulness as tools we can use with our kids throughout the day. Meditation and mindfulness are proven therapy methods for kids who are recovering from addiction. Both practices are known to reduce stress and inflammation in the brain, helping the brain increase grey matter, function better, and focus with more efficiency. Keeping kids focused should largely include activities which are free from their digital devices. Today's kids are enmeshed with their devices and unfortunately sometimes even homework time isn't free from screens. Thankfully, as the motto goes, there's an app for that. Apps and productivity systems can help kids stay focused during homework while incentivizing their focus.

Monitoring Apps

Most self-help gurus can agree that in order to change a behavior, you have to first know how much of that behavior you are doing. Monitoring apps help kids keep track of the amount of time they are spending on their apps and their devices. Some apps include a time limit, which will shut the phone down, restrict access to the internet, or set off a repeating alarm until the phone is locked and put down. Look to apps like Moment for comprehensive reports, daily analysis, and helpful alarms.

Blocking Apps

There are many parental apps which allow parents to control a kid's phone from another device, restrict their apps, or shut it down all together. Kids can learn to control their own phone use with blocking apps. Apps like Freedom work with the phone's VPN to restrict access to apps and websites with a timed feature. Sessions can be scheduled ahead of time or programmed manually. For the computer, Windows users can turn to Dropcloth and Mac users can turn to Self-Control for the same effect. Users can select the websites they want to block, then set a timer for how long they will be blocked. These apps cannot be deleted or stopped. Once the timer goes on, those websites are not accessible.

Timing Apps

There are apps like Repeat Timer which can set various alarms to interrupt what may be a distraction. Custom messages ask kids if they are using their energy and focus in the best way at that moment while encouraging them to put their focus on their work.

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