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3 Ways to Discuss Internet Safety With Your Teen to Prevent Addiction

More and more teens are gaining access to smartphones. Smartphones and the internet, in particular, are essential in the contemporary world. They enable these teens to engage in research, communicate with teachers, or even socialize with their friends. As parents, however, you need to take an active role in ensuring there are internet safety protocols for your child. The internet has predators who will not hesitate to take advantage of your teen. There is also the possibility that your child may develop internet addiction. Talking to these teens about their safety on the internet increases their awareness about the web's potential hazards. Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can help you learn ways of discussing social media addiction and process addictions with your teen amicably. Call 662.373.2828 today to learn more about your teen's treatment options.

3 Ways to Discuss Internet Safety with Teens

Social media addiction is among the many forms of process addictions. Process addictions refer to compulsive behavior that prompts people to engage in an activity endlessly. It does not matter to these people whether the action has adverse effects on their health or relationships. Teens are susceptible to internet addiction because they spend a lot of their time socializing over these networks. Talking to them about internet safety can help them be self-regulative. However, talking to them is not that easy. Teens are still not yet psychologically mature. If you approach this discussion in the wrong way, you may end up stirring rebellion. The teen will feel you are invading their personal space.

Know Your Timing

Timing is critical when you want to discuss social media addiction with a teen. You will have to wait until the teen is calm and off the internet. At this point, you are sure that you will have their utmost attention. Start the conversation in a friendly tone that accommodates their views.

Do Not Assume What the Teen Knows

Teens are usually tech-savvy. This should not be a reason to believe that they know everything about the internet. A teen may know how to operate the software. But the idea of internet safety can be new for the same teen. Make sure you take this into account when you want to discuss their safety over the internet.

Be Accommodative

Allow your teen to voice their input too during the discussion. It will encourage them to open up as they will feel you appreciate their views. It will also allow them to share the measures that they already have in place to protect themselves. Besides, allowing the teen to talk may prompt them to discuss any form of harassment they have experienced over the internet in the past.

Treatment at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

Process addictions can act as underlying triggers for other mental health disorders. For instance, social media addiction can make you overly anxious. When approaching this addiction, both treatment and therapies are necessary. Here are some therapeutic options that we offer:
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): The program will help improve your self-awareness and distress tolerance. It will teach your healthier ways of utilizing social media.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy program (CBT): This therapy teaches you to avoid behavior that fuels your addiction actively. By managing the action, you heal gradually.
  • Adventure therapy: At times, getting out into the world can help people overcome substance use. Adventure therapy is an ideal option for many teens.
  • Art therapy: Sometimes, art succeeds where words fail. Art therapy allows many teens to communicate their struggles in a unique way.

Visit Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center for More Information on Internet Safety

Teaching teens about internet safety will equip them with the skills to protect themselves. This will limit the incidences of teens developing internet addiction. Sometimes, we as parents lack enough information about the topic to pass onto our children. Do not worry. Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center via 662.373.2828. We can teach you more about internet safety and how to impart these values to your child.