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4 Ways to Recognize Mental Health Issues In Your Son

If you have children, then we know that you only want what is best for them. This includes making sure that their mental health has been taken care of. At the same time, if you have a teenage son, he is probably busy developing a sense of independence. Therefore, he may not be sharing his feelings with you as often as he did when he was younger. If you are concerned that your son may be developing mental health issues, please know that he is not alone. According to information that has been published by mental health experts, many children have been diagnosed with some sort of mental health or behavioral problem. The sooner you can recognize that your son is suffering from teen mental health issues, the faster they can be treated. To learn more about your son's treatment options, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today at 662.373.2828.

Your Son's Friends Have Stopped Coming Around

One of the most common signs of mental health issues in teenage boys is that their friends are no longer coming around. Sure, your son is probably not going to talk about his friends all the time. At the same time, you should still be attentive to what is going on in his life. For example, if his friends used to come over once a week and they haven't been by in a couple of months, this may be a sign that your son is having issues with social relationships. If your son is having trouble maintaining relationships with his friends, this could be a sign of depression or other mental health disorders.

You Are Getting Letters from School that His Grades Are Dropping

Even though you want to make sure that your son is doing well in school, you are probably not tracking every grade that comes home. That is the job of the teacher. One sign of teen mental health issues is falling academic performance. It takes a lot of motivation to study regularly. If your son does not have the energy to study, this could be a sign of depression. Instead of yelling at your son when you notice that his grades are falling, try to figure out what's wrong. Your son may be suffering from one of many mental health disorders.

Your Son Spends All of His Time in His Room

Teenagers are going to be independent people. Your son probably already spent a lot of his time in his room. On the other hand, if you are noticing abrupt changes in his behavior, such as never leaving his room at all, this could be a sign of mental health issues. It is okay to knock on your son's door and ask him how he is doing. Even though he may get annoyed at first, he is still going to appreciate the gesture.

You Are Noticing Massive Changes in Sleep and Eating Habits

Finally, one of the most common signs that your son may be suffering from mental health disorders is rapid changes in his sleep or eating habits. Even though you may not notice that your son is fluctuating wildly in his weight, you may notice that:
  • He is sleeping significantly more (or less) than usual
  • He isn't snacking as often as he once was
  • He suddenly no longer wants to eat at all or isn't finishing what is on his plate.
These are common signs that he may be suffering from depression. It may be time to reach out to experts who understand how to deal with mental health issues.

Count on Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

If you are concerned that your son may be suffering from mental health issues, then rely on the professionals at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center. With a dual diagnosis program, we can set your son up with a treatment plan that will place him in a position to recover successfully.  Contact us today at 662.373.2828!