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Adolescent Cocaine Rehab Program

Every year, drug abuse affects millions of individuals in America. A significant contributor to this alarming trend is adolescents suffering from cocaine addiction. This condition is particularly dangerous since adolescents are in their prime years for development. Fortunately, adolescent cocaine abuse treatment programs can help. Cocaine addiction usually begins with mere cocaine experimentation. But over time, dependency on the effects of cocaine develops, which can lead to cocaine addiction. If your child or loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, cocaine rehab may be just what they need to take back control of your life. If your teen is battling a cocaine addiction, contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center today at 662.373.2828.

What Is Cocaine?

The use of cocaine dates back to the 1800s when people used the drug for recreational purposes and its medicinal benefits. Cocaine derives from the coca plant leaves, and people use it for treating cold, fatigue, and exhaustion. However, cocaine wasn't illegal until the 1970s when it was discovered that the chemical had addictive properties.

Benefits of Cocaine Rehab

It's a given that adolescent cocaine rehab programs are designed to help teens with cocaine addiction. However, there is more to these treatments than meets the eye. Among the many benefits of cocaine rehab include:
  • Safe drug detox
  • Monitored withdrawal timeline
  • Less painful withdrawal symptoms
  • Allows familial support through experiential therapy
  • Prevention plan for future relapse triggers
  • Life skills to help teens cope with future stresses
  • Resident and family awareness on addiction symptoms, causes, and dangers
Cocaine rehab involves various processes to help adolescents recover from physical dependence. It involves comprehensive steps beginning with initiating treatment to aftercare programs.

Health and History Evaluation

The initial consultation and health evaluation are essential steps before treatment begins. A physician has to examine the problems, symptoms, and signs that go along with substance addiction. Since every individual has different addiction experiences, this process is crucial before beginning any treatment. The physician will then develop a treatment plan that will best suit your teen's needs for recovery.

Cocaine Medical Detox

Drug detox is a critical part of the rehab process. It removes toxins from the body of toxins. As a result, the remaining treatments are more effective and without severe withdrawal issues. However, don't feel scared by the word "removal." Trained physicians will perform the removal of drug toxins in a safe environment to prevent further risks to the patient. This step is especially necessary for teens with a stronger dependence on cocaine.

Coping Skills and Aftercare

Independence from drug abuse is a life-long process. Even after detox and treatment, there will remain the possibility that addiction habits could return. Risks of relapse are exceptionally high when your teen doesn't get treatment for underlying problems that prompted them to use cocaine in the first place. Aftercare is necessary after undergoing a cocaine rehab program to avoid relapse triggers during the recovery process. After all, prevention is still the best treatment to achieve lifetime independence.

Help for Cocaine Treatment and Rehab

A teen's mental health and physical development must continue until maturity. So the prime years for developing essential life skills and characteristics shouldn't be interrupted by addiction. Get help for your teen at an adolescent rehab treatment center. Help is available whenever needed, whether they need a cocaine rehab program or other drug programs, such as an alcohol use treatment program, benzodiazepine (benzo) use treatment program, or opioid use treatment program.

Contact Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center

Overcoming addiction can be challenging. But with the right help, addiction is a challenge your teen and family can overcome. We offer a range of therapies to assist your teen through recovery, including:
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program
  • Experiential therapy program
  • Fly fishing therapy program
  • Art therapy program
Call the medical experts at Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center at 662.373.2828 for more information about cocaine rehab today.