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Adolescent Spiritual Awakening

Parents often have a big role in providing the spirituality that their children delve into. Spiritual awakenings are personal to each person, so you as the parent cannot provide the event, but you can help to lay the foundation for your teen to find their own spirituality. If your teen is suffering with substance abuse, the solution behind recovery is that they must have a spiritual experience to gain momentum in wanting to get sober in the first place. Using a spiritual solution can be daunting for a teen who has already had to grow up fast due to their addiction. Once they hear the suggestion to find a Higher Power, this could prove to be more than they can wrap their brain around. Putting faith in a Higher Power can be difficult for many teenagers because of the intangibility that goes with spirituality and the adolescent rebellion of not wanting to appease you by taking on your beliefs. Teens that uncover their spiritual awakening can begin to understand what their purpose in life is leaning towards. Doing the right thing for themselves becomes second nature and their moral compass becomes part of the working mind. Principles such as humility, patience, and brotherly love come to the forefront with someone who continues to encounter spiritual experiences. The soul becomes fulfilled in a way that is inexplicable which feels like a calming force. You may be asking where your teen should go to get spiritually connected to a power greater than themselves. The truth is that their spiritual awakening will come at the time that is designated just for them. When your teenager hits a bottom with their substance abuse, this is usually the most formidable time for spirituality to become apparent - when they feel like they have nothing left. Once they encounter a spiritual experience, they will feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity that can change your teen's perception. Their soul will become awakened to an altered awareness with the world around them that gives life to new characteristics and traits. With this newfound consciousness, your teen will find an understanding of taking the right course of action in their recovery. If they were to lose this valuable spiritual connection, their sobriety may be at risk as well. The spiritual life is a nuance that can be filled with ambiguity and resolution at the same time. Supporting your teen with the radical changes they will go through in their spiritual journey can help to make the strongest strides towards their continuous recovery.

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