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Adventure Therapy Is Right Outside Your Door

Kids today are consumed by their digital devices. Parents joke about the good old days when there wasn't a television, there weren't video games, and as a child, there certainly wasn't a phone in their pocket. Recent controversies overseas revealed that video game companies designing games for kids were intentionally making them addictive. Whether they are spending time on social media platforms, inside the world of games, watching TV shows or streaming movies, kids spend a lot of time inside, sitting or laying down, looking at a screen. Most schools require physical education components which forces children to get moving. For the many other hours of the day, children are sedentary, indoors, and missing out on an entire world- one that isn't digital. Volumes of research have been dedicated to studying the positive benefits spending time in nature can have. Sunshine, fresh air and a plentitude of natural environments as opposed to man-made ones, is good for the mind, the body, and the spirit. In urban environments where there are no green spaces like parks or even trees and bushes, there are higher levels of distress. Some studies have suggested that just being able to see something green or blue outside the window can make a world of difference for the way the body and mind handle stress. Handling stress is a primary component in an adolescent or teenager's recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Mind altering substances that are routinely abused change the chemistry of the brain by shifting the focus of the reward center, among other areas of the brain. Focusing on the production of pleasure, the brain becomes obsessed with feeling good, in opposition to feeling any kind of stress. Resiliency is key in being able to handle life and what is called life on life's terms. Spending time in nature gives kids the strength, confidence, and skills they need to navigate the adventure of living. Kids are more competent and capable than we often give them credit for. Experiential learning opportunities in nature challenge kids to use their inherent skills to overcome challenges. A walk through the woods, going out on the kayak, fishing, and other adventurous outdoor activities push kids to realize what they are made of while actively healing their brain, body, and spirit.

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