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Anxiety: The Rise in Adolescent Girls

Although anxiety is blind to gender, there have been some recent revelations that show that adolescent girls may be suffering from anxiety more prevalently. Girls have felt more pressure to break the glass ceiling into new dimensions of success for some time now. With the women's liberation beginning in the 1960's along with the newfangled #MeToo movement and Women's marches across the country, girl power has continued to grow into a present-day solution that has also brought some anxiety into the mix with adolescent girls. Sticking up for what you believe in is a courageous gesture, but is it really worth it for the anxiety that has derived among teenage girls who are trying to prove that anything you can do I can do better? That depends entirely on each specific case which should be considered. Anxiety is a debilitating feeling that can cause panic attacks, physical pain from tension, uncontrollable crying, nausea and vomiting, changes in weight, abdominal cramping, and alterations in sleep patterns. Some symptoms can be so awful, that they can paralyze a person from not being able to take on the task that is causing them the anxiety as well as all of the rest their responsibilities and obligations. When girls are stressed, many of them try harder to please others as a coping mechanism for relief. This can include all areas of their life including their education. Female students have been under the impression that they will never be good enough in school and started hitting the books in retaliation to combat the assumption that they are not as smart as boys. Their response to this illogical insight was to step up their education. According to the U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey (CPS) Historical Time Series, more women of all ages are attending college each year. In December of 2017, the results showed that girls were surpassing the boys in elementary school, graduating more than senior boys were, enrolling into college more than the guys, and receiving more college degrees than the men. While the female students were outperforming the male students, they paid for their tuition in a different manner. Around 40 percent of adolescent girls suffered with an anxiety disorder compared to 25 percent of adolescent boys. The battle of the genders may continue to pursue for years to come and education is obviously important for younger generations to thrive in. Getting to the bottom of anxiety and assisting teens with the support of theirs, could make the difference with a teen's stress and their anticipations for a lighter load.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center provides a clinically structured protocol with withdrawal management that is designed to specifically accommodate the needs of teenagers. While our inpatient programs are for adolescent boys, we offer outpatient treatment solutions for girls. We first help to remove the toxic chemicals out of the body and then move onto the treatment of the whole person.

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