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Are there Dangers with Juuling?

If you are thinking about Juuling because your friends are, you should think again. Juuling is not good for you for many different reasons that could instead just simply be passed off as something that everyone does. Get some facts about Juuling before you get addicted or possibly sick from the dangerous effects that Juuling produces.   What is a Juul? Juul was invented by two Stanford graduates in 2007 and has since become the most popular way to vape. A Juul looks like nothing more than a small, flat USB. If you've seen your friends smoking what looks like a flat pen, it is most likely a Juul.   How does Juul work? The little device heats up a pod which is plugged into the bottom. Each pod contains ingredients like addictive nicotine and all of the chemicals which create the flavors. Heated up, the liquid is turned into a vapor when you breathe it in, which dissolves into the air when you breathe it out.     What is in a Juul pod? Inside the pod are tons of chemicals, which is part of the reason Juuling isn't very good for your health. Breathing in synthetic chemicals is generally bad for you. Nicotine, which is in cigarettes has received a bad rap because it is a highly addictive substance with harmful consequences, like lung cancer.. A Juul pod has a nicotine content of 0.7ml which is the equivalent of smoking one pack of cigarettes in 200 puffs. Your teenage peers are using a pod a day, meaning they are smoking practically an entire pack of cigarettes every single day. Though you and your friends may think Juuling looks or even feels cool, you probably know that smoking an entire pack of cigarettes a day isn't cool- not cool at all.   What does Nicotine do? Nicotine is a very addictive substance that can be difficult to stop using. You are under the age of 25 which means that nicotine use can stunt the growth of your prefrontal cortex, an enormously important part of your brain. This part of your brain oversees complex behavior, moderates your social behavior, makes your decisions, and integrates your personality traits. Not only does using nicotine threaten to halt your brain development, which means halting your growth as a person and all of your abilities- abusing nicotine increases your risk of brain impairment later in your life.   What other symptoms does Juuling cause? You might have heard your friends who Juul talk about how thirsty they are all the time. No matter how much they drink, it seems as though their thirst is never satisfied. Some of the chemicals in the Juul pod actually cause this to happen. Even the most can become dry and dehydrated when smoke is blown out through the nostrils.   A lot of your friends probably started Juuling as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Even though they have been vaping, some of them might be switching to cigarettes anyway. Nicotine is that addictive. A Juul pod is like a pack of cigarettes a day, but Juul pods don't contain tobacco, which cigarettes do. Tobacco provides an entirely different effect, which can be tempting.   The greatest delusion of being young is the idea that you're invincible. It's true that now through your early to mid twenties your body and health will bounce back incredibly fast. How much damage you do to your body now, as a teen, will completely determine how long that invincibility lasts. The more damage you do now, the weaker your body will be overtime. Your body will tell you I told you so. Be prepared for a long, healthy life: don't Juul.   Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center can help you if you've developed a problem with drugs and alcohol. You'll be among teens your age who are working hard to find sobriety and live a better life.   Call us today to start living in recovery: 662-598-4214