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Are You Helping or Hindering Your Teen if You Are Not Letting Them Date?

A normal rite of passage for teens is going on their first date with parental approval of course. Fathers do not want their vulnerable daughters to go out with stinky boys and mothers do not think that there is a girl good enough for their baby boy. This often causes dating to be frowned upon in hopes of keeping the innocence of a teenager intact for as long as possible. Every teen is different and sometimes parents may be following their intuition that their teen is just not ready to date. Some teens mature faster than others and some may show signs of codependency that may be a detriment to starting a relationship with a person who may in turn hurt them. Although the parent may be attempting to shield the teen from a painful experience, they could also be holding them back from learning the necessary tools to move forward with their relationships in the future. Parents with the mentality of protecting their teen as long as possible could be hindering their teen's ability to develop healthy relationships by not allowing interactions with someone who could be more than just a friend. One of the concerns teen psychologist, Jean Twenge, worries about is how teens will adapt to relationships once they graduate from high school and transition into college where alcohol and drugs run rampant. Although teen sex is down in high school because dating in general is down for iGen students, the likelihood is that they will become more promiscuous in college due to the lack of experience in interpersonal relationships. This is in part to strict parents and having online interactions versus face-to-face communication. Teens more than ever communicate through text messages and private messaging on social media. Learning how to connect to a live person may be more difficult the longer they chose a method of corresponding that only involves the screen. While parents may be uncomfortable with letting their teenager go on dates, this is a great opportunity for them to teach their son or daughter about the morals and standards that they hope will be demonstrated. From manners to waiting to have sex, stating to a teenager the principles through which the parent believes in, can give them a better chance to build their integrity in future relationships.

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