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Biofeedback: A Video Game For Anger Management

Video games are often scrutinized for being violent, inciting violence, and causing anger problems in youth. Young boys, especially are described as being vulnerable to the angry, violent narratives in video games. The angrier these boys get, consumed by the violence in the games, the more violent the game becomes. Imagine a video game where, when the physical signs of anger began to arise, the game stopped functioning. Before heart rate, brain function, and anger gets out of control, the game stops working. Guns no longer fire. Violent actions no longer work. Kids playing the games are forced to stop, breathe, and collect themselves in order to continue playing the game. This is the basis of biofeedback, a game like system which monitors the brain for activity. Brain activity directly controls the game, experientially teaching kids to control themselves. Rather than find themselves emotionally out of control, spiraling out in rage, thrashing the remote control and screaming at the screen, kids take a deep breath. Enjoying the familiar platform of a video game challenge, kids are immersed in the technology. Used to technology rarely failing them, the abrupt stop in the game function is disruptive to the kids. Gaining emotional regulation, kids learn how to recognize their impulsivity. More importantly, kids learn to become mindful of their physical symptoms of anger. Most adults are not capable of noticing when their heart rate picks up and their brain starts drifting into that survival evolutionary space of fight-or-flight. Many adults are not capable of recognizing these signs let alone taking oppositional action to them. Through biofeedback interaction, kids learn how to act against their natural instincts of their humanity and be in complete control of themselves. The benefits are remarkable. Kids who participate in biofeedback are able to learn about their emotional reactions as well as their cravings for drugs and alcohol. The skills they gain in biofeedback helps prepare them to be aware of their biological as well as psychological signals for cravings. Before they are overcome with chemical responses, they are able to pause, control themselves, and move in a different direction. Overtime, the cravings reduce . Reduced cravings create a stronger foundation of recovery which can lead to lifelong abstinence.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center utilizes cutting edge biofeedback technology, bringing the adolescent and teenage boys in our residential treatment programs a strong foundation of sobriety. Call us today for information on our home in Mississippi offering long term treatment and academic support during treatment for drug and alcohol addiction: 662-598-4214