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Bringing The Family Back Together After Addiction Leaves The Home

When a beloved child brings addiction into the home, the home can be torn apart. The fault is not on behalf of our child. We learn that addiction is a disease, one that happens to our child and robs them of the ability to make healthy, proactive decisions. As our child might fight for their life, we too fight for their life, for our own life, and the lives of the rest of our family. Sending a child to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is not a silver bullet solution as it might be called. Treatment is the beginning of a recovery journey, one in which every family member will play a part. Throughout the treatment process, the family will have an opportunity to participate in family recovery support therapy, family intensive programming during weekends, and other activities. When finally a loved adolescent or teenager comes home, it is time to bring the family back together again. Once addiction leaves the home, recovery can be welcome with open arms.

Have Family Meals Together

From start to finish, make at least a few meals during the week family meal time. Ask your kids to participate in the meal making process by inviting volunteered ideas. Give each child a chance to suggest a desired dish or favorite meal. Together, make a grocery list, find the right recipes, and create a plan. Prioritizing family meal time will ensure that everyone makes time to prepare the meal together and eat the meal together, celebrating each child's individuality and ability. During the meal time, make a no devices and ask that everyone be present to talk about what is going on in their lives, at school, world's they're interested in, and more. Don't forget to make clean up part of the family effort as well. Create a game, put on music for which there is a shared love, and make clean up fun.

Display A Family Schedule

The family can adjust to life minus one child while a loved teen or adolescent is in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. There will be a short period of adjustment when that loved child comes home. With them comes a new schedule of recovery needs: therapy appointments, psychiatry appointments, perhaps outpatient programs, and recovery support meetings. All of the new parts of their recovery lifestyle are in addition to their normal school and extracurricular activities schedule. A visual family schedule lets everyone know who is where, doing what. There are visuals for time to come together as family, when to plan for projects, when to plan for adventures, and more.

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