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Children of Parents With an Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction affects grown ups' mental and physical health, finances, job productivity, and relationships. Loved ones suffer the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction when they are related to a grown up with addiction in any form. People with loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol struggle with a wide range of emotions such as fear, sadness, and helplessness. The quality of life for children of parents with an addiction is greatly affected and puts children at risk for developing addiction themselves later in life. Parents who are addicted can become irritable, irrational, angry, and explosive. Drugs and alcohol change a parent's mood and emotions, creating an unpredictable and unstable environment for children. Substance addiction can lead to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, making children vulnerable to a parent's intoxicated and substance-fueled behavior. Many children of parents with an addiction are neglected due to their parents' focus on getting drugs or alcohol. Commonly, this manifests in codependency for children as they grow up, needing to fill the void their parents have left them. The need to get high becomes a priority for a parent who is addicted to substances. Children need to be nurtured, feel loved, get positive attention, and live in a safe, healthy environment to grow into productive members of society. When children live in a home with parents who are addicted to substances, they are at high risk of abusing drugs and alcohol in adolescence and as young adults, as well as developing co-occurring mental health disorders. Children who grow up in addicted homes commonly experience depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. When parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the children are deeply impacted. People who live with an addiction can get help from professionals to detox and go to treatment. Recovery is hard work and takes a lot of determination for a person to stay sober. Children have the unique opportunity to break the chain of substance abuse in their family by seeking treatment at an early age.

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