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Consequences that Substance Abuse Could Cause in the Teenage Years

Drinking and using can be the very thing that takes away some of the normal activities that teenagers experience. What may start out as experimentation could turn into unimaginable consequences that could change the outcome of their once fun-filled and influential teenage years. No one is ever safe from what could happen to them under the influence and here are few circumstances that may happen when someone, even a teenager, drinks or uses.    

Driver's license suspension

Someone who drinks, and drives is putting themselves and others in danger no matter what their age. The repercussions of drinking and driving might result in a suspension of their driver's license and for a teen that may be devastating with their newfound independence. Not only could it affect the status of their driving permit but drinking and driving can result in jail time for even teens or be potentially fatal in the event of an accident for the driver and others involved.

Extracurricular activity suspension

Substance abuse often reveals itself in the activities that people have obligations to such as work, school, or extracurricular activities. Not showing up on time or at all, losing interest in their responsibilities, or becoming undisciplined are usually ways that teens uncover that they are involved with drugs or alcohol. Detentions and suspensions will be the outcome for a teenager who does not follow the rules that substance abuse often creates. Once these punishments come to light, the next step is be kicked out of their extracurricular activities that they enjoy and take pride in.

Life suspension

Without sugar coating the inevitable, a teenager is just as susceptible to overdose from drugs and alcohol just like everyone else. They may put themselves even more at risk because of their vulnerability of being younger, less experienced, and having a lower tolerance. Dying could become a reality with each drink or hit that a teenager takes thinking that death would not happen to them. To think that teens can be safe from the awful ramifications that substance abuse brings about is ludicrous. Drugs and alcohol are poison in every sense of the word. Getting the word out to teens that they are just as inclined to have the same consequences that adults do is important. Substance abuse does not discriminate against anyone and could bring anyone who uses drugs and alcohol to the lowest point in their life.

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