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Creative Ways Your Teen Could Get Drunk

Every year there seem to be new ways that teens come up with to use and drink without letting their parents, teachers, or other authority figures find out. Some are certainly creative with the intent is to be sneaky but can wind up doing more harm than good and put youngsters in danger.  Adolescent alcohol abuse treatment programs can help teens who use these methods.

Alcohol soaked tampons

While this may seem like an absolutely crazy way to drink alcohol, teens use alcohol-soaked tampons to get buzzed. This approach works for boys and girls by inserting alcohol-absorbed tampons vaginally or rectally. Some of the reasons that teenagers give in using this process as a means to get drunk is that they will not throw up, a little goes a long way into the bloodstream, there is no smell on their breath, and the alcohol is much easier to conceal. Seems creative until the risks are considered. Alcohol poisoning could happen by being unaware of how much alcohol is actually being consumed while the rectum or vagina could be burned by the excess alcohol.

Vodka gummy bears

Candy may seem harmless, but if it has been infused with alcohol such as vodka, then all bets are off. Teens are stealing liquor from their parents cabinets, soaking the gummy bears by watching YouTube video examples, and then carrying them in their backpacks to enjoy the taste and the effects that the alcohol produces without anyone knowing the difference. One of the biggest risks with drunken candy is that the bitter taste of alcohol is concealed making teenagers and their friends consume more and making substance abuse easier to achieve.

Smoking alcohol

How do you smoke something that is liquid? By finding a way to vaporize alcohol and yes, teenagers found a way through using a bicycle pump. They may already own a bicycle pump, or they can buy one easily on Amazon with one click. A bottle is filled with the alcohol of choice and then corked. The bicycle pump needle is then inserted into the top of the cork. Air is pumped into the bottle to vaporize the alcohol and inhaled to inebriation. The threat of alcohol poisoning and damage to the lungs can happen rather effortlessly with this DIY mechanism. There is no need to panic with the creative ways that adolescents are finding to get drunk or high. Awareness among parents is crucial and staying up to date with the latest trends that could be instrumental in stopping health risks which may become permanent or worse, deadly.   

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center provides a clinically structured protocol with withdrawal management that is designed to specifically accommodate the needs of teenagers. We first help to remove the toxic chemicals out of the body and then move onto the treatment of the whole person.

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