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Early Substance Abuse Prevention for Adolescents

Risk taking is a normal part of adolescent development. Becoming more independent and trying new things is a healthy rite of passage into adulthood to a certain degree. This can also mean the tendency to experiment with drugs and alcohol at an early age. Although some teenagers are going to do what they want when they want to do it, giving them early substance abuse prevention can help them especially in times of transition.

Watch for signs that they are going through something big.

When teens are going through their parent's divorce, death, moving, or even a breakup, they are more vulnerable and more susceptible to being exposed to drugs and alcohol. Even though you may be dealing with grief from the same scenario, making sure that your teen is being heard and paid attention to is crucial. Instead of a teen using substance abuse to cope, using the strength of their parent's love, guidance, and devotion will make the biggest difference in their choice to stay clear of drugs and alcohol.

Give them the inside scoop into what drug and alcohol addiction really is.

Educate your teenager on what drugs and alcohol do to a person mentally, physically, and spiritually. By letting them know what they are in for can help them to assess the real truth about experimentation. With drug and alcohol abuse, they are more likely to generate an addiction and be at a higher risk to change their brain functionality since their brain is still growing. You can also let them know about the progression of an addiction to which their condition will continue to get worse and worse with a point of no return. Talk early to your teen about the repercussions and continue to talk to them about the potential risks of substance abuse often.

Seek help as soon as you see the signs of substance abuse.

The quicker you take action with drug and alcohol abuse, the better results you will have. Waiting can continue to build their tolerance and make the obsession more difficult to manage. Being fully engaged in your teen's life without helicoptering them will steer them in a better direction that will include safer friends.  

Responsibility in prevention efforts for teen substance abuse starts at home. Increasing the factors which will strengthen the chances of prevention will also support their healthy development and boost their ability to resist the influence to use or drink.

Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center has a program that can help the whole family to begin to heal. We offer essential recovery support skills to show the teen and their family how to implement a strong network that can reinforce healthy living.

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