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Facts about Being a Teen Father

You may hear teen mom statistics that provide some insight into what they go through, but what about the 750,000 teens who become dads each year? The stereotype of a teen dad is often that he is a deadbeat father who will not contribute financially because he is too busy in other areas of his life. Looking into some teen father facts and stats could provide more information on where they could use some assistance to better provide for their child.  
  • Statistics show that 8 out of 10 teen dads flee the scene when having to be a part of their child's life. In their teenage years, males are not usually ready or mature enough to father a child through no fault of their own. A general male trait is to be a hunter for their families. During the adolescent years, teens are usually not up for the task because they are not set up in their careers or schooling to envision providing for a family just yet.
  • Many teenage fathers have been the product of teenage pregnancy themselves. The most logical and loving thing to do would be to break the cycle since they know firsthand what it feels like to have a father bail on them. They continue the alternation by being an absent father to their kids as well.
  • Giving only negative statistics would be a prejudiced point of view because there are those teenage boys who repeat history and have their own unplanned offspring who go on to father their child like they never experienced with their own dad. They aspire to give their kid the chance they never had by suiting up and showing up in their life.  
  • Despite the bad rap the teen fathers get for being absent, teen mothers will keep the father off the birth certificate as a form of leverage or will not give them visitation rights since they are not married at the time of birth. Even though fathers do have rights concerning custody, visitation, and child support, the father would have to initiate legal action which can seem like a bigger task than they are up for with no knowledge of how to do it and no financial means to pay for it.
  Teen pregnancy has declined over the last decade, but there were still approximately 180,000 teenagers that became dads in 2016. Despite the negative stigma that can surround teen dads, they also require encouragement, advice, and help to take responsibility for the living human they helped to create.

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